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Weekend trip with my soulmate!

by melmonica on August 11th, 2010

To Sitiawan zzz.

Guess who I went out with?

The only person would think of taking pics like this is…

My Soulmate!!

Haven’t seen her since since… CNY! 😀

Though we Skype everyday but it’s not the same till you meet face-to-face. Ming is known for her  jaw-dropping gossips/ university-related drama. And I contribute err… er… my hopeless dreams in our conversation zzz.

Arghh…stress sial wana eat which one the ice cream’s melting

Eat these and say bye bye to beautiful body not like I have one to begin with

With my new sidekick lookalike Samsung toy. It’s from the Corby family. Mine is the Corby Pro so heh 😛

No both-of-us pictures as

1. the light was dimmed and slow shutter speed & shaky hands don’t work very well together.

2. called baby to drive all the way to Secret Recipe just to take our picture but dad took the car zzz

Till we meet again!

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  1. meeting up with old friends are always interesting =)

  2. Hi Ken,
    Yeah, we are actually uni friends but coincidentally from the same hometown. Best friends ever since then:)

  3. Hi melmonica….
    haha.. patchay is actually my name…
    well nice blog u hav here too

  4. You got a unique name alright! *jealous:P
    Thanks for visiting!:D

  5. i’m to have my tiramisu cake tomorrow at secret recipe too!

  6. Hi Carrie,

    Nice to meet you here! Enjoy your cake:)


  7. hi there mel! I’ve read your comment on your was heart warming. XD. Thanks. Its hard to succumb photography since I went to university. Assignments and workshops are a routine.

    Ever thought of forgetting random apples? Just google and you’ll find it, the first link that pops out from uncle google, thats my blog. :P.

    Im not a professional myself, just a keen enthusiast, willing to learn. I have lots of photo’s..but most of them are event shots..not really much about art.

    But hey, if there’s any, I’ll tell you straight away, yeah? thx for dropping by! Hope to see from you soon. =).

    RandomApples. =D

  8. ooops..typo error!

    *comment on my blog! Sorry! XD.

  9. Hey… random apples? Sorry it’s so weird not knowing your name.

    Thanks for dropping by here. Am also improving myself. Ganbatte ya!

  10. Hi,

    You’ve got really interesting photos. So, you’re based in Sabah? My friend studied Networking there at UMS, just finished recently.

    Just wondering if you blog mostly about food, because we are looking for talented copywriters, photographers and passionate bloggers to join as partners or contribute to a website. It will have several types of blog under one roof, which is planned as a social networking site. Launching in 2011. So far we have someone to contribute tech reviews, men’s interests and food in Peninsula Malaysia.

  11. Hey Julian,

    Nice to meet you at my humble blog. I graduated from UMS last October. I was in Labuan branch and I reckon your friend should be in KK branch.

    Most of the time it is mainly food cos 1. I <3 to eat lolz! 2. I'm trying to improve my food photography skill (practise makes perfect!)

    What section do you still have space for? I'm into traveling as well. I love fashion but I seldom blog about clothes.

    Looking forward to your reply! Cheerios~

  12. ng tong sheng permalink

    Hi Julian Gan, sound interesting about the concept of combining social networking and blog. bloggers can get make friends with each other and keep track of the update easily, ganbatte!!

  13. Well, the website primarily provides a new version of social networking, but our target market is working professionals and companies. So they also represent a group of affluent, mid- to high-income consumers.

    The blog is another way to attract readers and provide content. If we have around 500,000 registered members, imagine your blog readership.

    We plan to launch latest by Jan 2011. The blog will start earlier, the service later. It’ll be good to have someone in Sabah/Sarawak. Maybe my friend can help you out too.

    My contributions to the blog will be focusing on personal branding, advertising and marketing communication, something dear to the professionals, but they also need to live, eat and travel, right? LOL

  14. Haha. Totally true.
    Sounds like a big project to me. So far, how many people are in your team?

  15. patchay = patrick chay..
    wah u got photography skills leh…

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