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We were sluts in the cold.

by melmonica on August 28th, 2011

Had one of the best weekend of my life in Cameron with a bunch of East Malaysian friends. I trusted Emmanuel to plan our trip to Cameron cos… Emmanuel can plan wtf.

Picked them up from Bintang Warisan hotel at Bukit Bintang, KL and Emmanuel’s GPS guided us to the North-South highway.

I actually am never fond of using GPS. I do not trust the little device and true to my words, the GPS brought us all the way to Selayang wtf and Emmanuel being optimistic, calming me down saying ‘It will somehow link us back to North-South highway one.’

Yeah right -.-

It led us to somewhere dark & far and I feared that it might bring us to Pahang thinking of Karak wtf.

Then I took the road not taken, went against the GPS’ direction and we went to a new highway that it couldn’t even detect wtf.

Then one thing lead to another and we’re back on track.

Breakfast dimsum.

We went for a more traditional dimsum. Forgotten what’s the place name but it’s opposite Foh San dimsum lolz.

The beautiful, green scenery to Cameron. <3 it! I love the nature.

We dropped by Avant Chocolate for a break.

The place was blooming with colourful flowers!

See… the boys also enjoy being feminine and indulge in the wonders of colourful flowers.

Strawberry farm #1.

Boss: Very cheap hor a packet of strawberry for RM8.

Well, later we found out that in the night market 2 packets of strawberry cost RM10.

Then when we visited the market later that night, they sold for 3 packets for RM10.

Note to self: Cameron Highland encourages last minute purchase.

From left: Emmanuel aka Boss, Chloe & Hong.

These 2 boys are the cutest thing ever! They were selling us cactus and they memorized their ‘script’ pretty well. Whichever cactus I was staring at, they would tell me the name, what it is for etc. I bet they would grow up to be a successful sales person 🙂

Home made strawberry ice-cream. Melt in your mouth, not in the cup.

Next location. Cactus farm.

I’m not really a big fan of cactus. But it has so many oddly shaped ones that makes you go O.O

OK these are not oddly shaped cactus. Lemme photoshop more pictures then you can see it on my Facebook.

Then we went to Time Tunnel. It’s a place that brings back your good old childhood memories. Well, let the pictures speak for itself, k.

Old school heels? Match your look with Brylcream.

Anything colourful, me <3

Yes, I know the feeling.

This is for you, dad. Your love and passion for golf. Wish I can still pick up golf before I grow old wtf.

My favourite! Used to play this a lot during my childhood. Not sure if it’s available in the city or not (referring to that particular city boy). It works like a toothpaste. Just scoop whatever that comes out with the yellow stick and blow it like a balloon!

I was really bad at art (and still is) so this was my favourite thing to do when I was young. I love how the texture feels on the paper.

Colorful things I like #2.

Tonnes of emergency kit! The love of my life! The one true love that will never turn its back when you needed it. Unless you run outta it wtf.

I have no caption for this.

And this.

And this this wtf #lazyblogger

Oh hi. Captain Amelika.
Hi Labu & Labi! You’re here! You were created by P. Ramlee wtf.

Super cool decor right? It’s a must go place whenever you visit Cameron. Won’t get bored one even after a few visits.

Saya budak baru belajar. Kalau salah tolong tunjukkan.

Ok bai. Elwyn can’t stop bugging me to start working grrrr $#Q$#%$#%#%@#[email protected]

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  1. hahah, and “this, this this” 😛 Nice photos btw! Been so active recently, i like it!

    • Haha. I can only be active when I’m on hols. Working has already taken 80% of my time & energy >.<

  2. Emmanuel permalink

    i tot you ad my GPS can be trusted. just becoz you never used the road does not mean its not the correct way. huh!!! wana harast my GPS somemore. the new road we used was opened just less than a week of coz my gps no updated yet lah.huh……

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