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Visiting Pantai Remis Fishy Fishy

by melmonica on October 6th, 2010

Am not sure if my boyfriend would like this post or not. But what the heck.

Everytime when I drive to Penang, I will definitely pass by Pantai Remis. All I know about the place is it’s an unseen fishing village and I heard that the laksa & rojak here are good. I’ve always wanted to try but nobody would go with me. Few days ago, Vince was back for a 10 days break. He is currently working in China and the last time I saw him was ages ago! So I volunteer to drive there. What better reason to go than friends & food! I get to kill two birds with one stone πŸ˜‰

Actually, I was kinda nervous meeting him cos it’s been 3 years and people are bound to change. What if we don’t click like before? What if our conversation is dead flat? But zzz, he’s the same as before. Flirtatious , sweet talker (even better this time) but nahhh, I won’t buy it anymore. He told that he doesn’t have a girlfriend and I think he’s just bullshitting lor. Cos you wouldn’t believe how far he’d do for a girl and let’s just say, if guys want to learn the tricks to kao lui, go find him.

Anyway back to the trip, once arrived he quickly brought me to the best laksa & rojak.

See the fenced staged? Weekdays, it is a kindergarten and on weekends, a mini food court.

This is the acclaimed to be the best laksa in town.

And the best rojak in town wtf.

For the past few years I’ve always been on a look out for good food in the place I visit. And honestly, honestly… this laksa is nowhere near to my level of average. But if you were to ask me what’s wrong with it? I also don’t know why wtf. I think I tasted so many laksa already until me myself also don’t know what makes a good laksa. There was once we went to Balik Pulau for the famous laksa and when I first tasted it, it instantly was THE BEST LAKSA in According to Melissa Newton – Guide to Best Food in Malaysia wtf. The second time when I was there, unfortunately, for me, it tasted blah and ordinary. Once again I question myself. Was the first time that good because it was raining heavily and eating a hot laksa is just so… heavenly?

Therefore I gave this Pantai Remis laksa 2/5.

And the rojak… tasted quite ordinary as well. The only thing that differentiate it from the rest of the rojak I’ve tastedΒ  is THIS!

They have keropok udang in rojak. And believe me, I can only just eat the keropok and not bother to eat the fruits.

When in Pantai, one should travel like the locals. By motorbike. And I <3 taking pics on a motorbike. Unfortunately, the sky was about to rain Β T__T

I find it so cool that he lives nearby a fishing village and the river is just a stone throw away from his house. In Pantai, you can only find this.

Two different mode of transportation facing each other.

And minutes later, it started raining cats and dogs! FML.

Of all the days, it had to rain when I was in Pantai. Great!

Would you someday live here, overlooking river and boats parking at your backyard?

While waiting for the rain to subside, we took lots of nonsense pictures.

#8 Wazzup?





After that, we went to more fishing factory.

#13 Don’t know how we ended up here!!



#16 Love this picture but wish the sky and river was blue-er. Made a mental note to go back there when the sky is clear & blue.


And then we went to one last factory.

#18 The closest picture of me you’ll ever get.

As I was editing and uploading all these nonsense picture I wonder, why did we even bother to go to all these places? Oh, I remember it is my first time there and he wants to bring me around. But all we did was going to fish factory and more fish factory and more factory zzz.

#19 Yes, the view was breathtaking. After some time you just go urghh… all look almost the same geh =.=

And the weather was so dull, not nice to take pics also zzz

#20 Clear blue sky, I’m longing for you.

#21 See the place I was brought to? Not the usual tourist spot kan.

After that we head back to town.


Coming here, I knew that I would take lots of scenery pictures. And I hate it that we traveled by car. I missed lots of good pictures i.e. I saw this boy (around 12 years old) fetch his gf/sister on a bicycle. So cute! I mean, you don’t get to see people cycling bicycle anymore, kan? And do you know that in Pantai Remis, they have Chinese signboard. Yes, no kidding. It says ‘be careful…’ and the last two words don’t know how to read swt. See, if I were on a motorbike can take these pics lor. No need to reverse, stop the car, get down and take pics like 1 siao lang so mafan I rather not take it sighhh.

After that went to his house to use the rest room but ended up looking through all his China pics. Saw all these amazing pictures especially the Shanghai expo pics gahhh. Didn’t manage finish see it all and poof time’s up zzz.

I was actually sad to leave. Cos there’s so much Qs that I haven’t asked. So many things I want to know about China, about his trips/holidays, about the people etc. Since I don’t get to travel as much, I always like to tumpang take the opportunity to learn as much by seeing friend’s pictures and stories. I thought to myself, if he has a blog, damn… I’d be his ardent reader lolz. Though China is not a place that I am keen to travel but still, any story is good eh?

So sadly, I bid hisΒ good looking brothers, sisters & grandma goodbye.Β His brothers are so good looking you’d thought that they are not related. Totally the opposite!

Vince, where can finish catching up in 4 hours when we have 3 years of stories to tell. Anyway, hope to see you again when you’re back. Till then, adios~

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  1. nice photograph. i like i like =D

  2. i love rojak! yum yum!

    • Hi Merrinette: Ya, the rojak was really special πŸ™‚
      Camy: Thanks darling. You will have your DSLR soon~

  3. ngtongsheng permalink

    i like picture #14, #10 and #11 :), but too bad lack of touch up πŸ™

    is it the problem of the color of the picture that make me feel like a bow of rotten human body parts yuckzz!! haha just kidding nice post here cheer!

  4. U make pantai remis look nicer with ur lens…

  5. All rojak in Ipoh has keropok in it…not so special wert….

  6. LOL different Vince okay XD I have to say, Malaysia has quite a number of nice fishing villages.

  7. Dropping by ere Melissa. =)

  8. NTS: Thanks for your errr… compliment haha wtf

    Sharkox: Aahhh so sweet… thanks πŸ™‚

    Jun: I never see before ma so happy get to eat one finally lolz!

    Vince: Famous Vince promote me pls haha!

    JL: Thanks! <3

  9. haha,i love the rojak ==!! hehehe.

  10. very nice shots here..

  11. Karmun: It’s quite nice hehe.

    Nur: Thanks dear πŸ™‚

  12. hehehe… nice to meet you!
    1sttime come in.
    nice place u visit! hehehe…..

  13. try use fast snap when rain…. πŸ˜›

  14. Ed: Hi… thanks for visiting πŸ™‚

    Teal: Will it make any difference ka? Nicer izit?

  15. I misses Pantai Remis’s tasty and cheap food.
    Is the laksa stall the one near the temple behind Billion?

  16. Nice! I like! πŸ˜€

  17. Thomas: You’re right! It’s exactly right there! πŸ˜€

    Jan: Thankieuuu <3

  18. How I wish I can get to go on a food hunt in penang πŸ™‚

  19. i stopped by there too when i passed that area.. din know the rojak is nais. what i heard is laksa and ais kacang. xD

  20. Tze Ching: Overall, so-so nia… Not sure who spread it saying that it’s nice but actually not nice at all -.-“

  21. tzeching permalink

    maybe its the nicest in pantai, but doesnt mean that its nicest among all the laksa… my mum also complain say not nice dunno why ppl say nice. but i still go cause that’s like the ‘famous’ place.

  22. Haha high 5 to your mom! But the place is really normal & food not nice sumore. Think that’d be the last time I go there haha XP

  23. dat laksa very nice πŸ™‚
    my lovely food + with rojak
    eat till sleep laa πŸ™‚

  24. Shafixx: Haha. Don’t eat till sleep later gemok! πŸ˜›

  25. You know, what a surprise when i first visit your blog and I see two “attractive” words in your category – PANTAI REMIS. I am glad that you visit PR, its my lovely hometown! My house is just after the laksa stall / kindergarden/ temple! You should try more food there such as sweet yam, fishball soup, prawn flour and many mores at a restaurant near Bomba there.

    • Hi Alive, thanks for visiting my blog. Perhaps next time you can be the tour guide and bring me around for some good Pantai Remis food? πŸ˜€

      • Yea, of course! drop me a message if have chance! PR is many more else to be discovered. haha

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