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#RWMF: KCH Day #1

by melmonica on August 9th, 2011

I was so friggin’ excited about Rainforest especially when Sherry told me she won the 3-days passes to the event. She was in doubt whether to go or not and I was like… ‘HELL YEAH!!’

Yes, I was so damn excited cos I get to sit on a plane wtf. (I haven’t sat on a plane since I graduated and it feels funny cos I used to travel by plane wtf during my uni years)

Anyway, the view from cotton candy cloud is breathtaking!

Yes, we flew by Air Asia because Fireflyz website was down when we wanted to book our tix *boo ya

Upon arriving, my dearest friend from UMS, boss Emmanuel had us doing #oscarwinningperformance in Public bank.

Had 3 varieties of yew char kuey for breakfast! One original, one with kaya and the other with sausage & mayo. I particularly like the one with kaya.

Sarawak laksa. Also known as Curry Mee in West Malaysia. And it’s mee hoon. I don’t take mee hoon. Cos it feels like you’re eating nothing but hair wtf.

Then we headed to UNIMAS for a tour 😀

This is the fehmes bridge for guys & girl to meet. Because guys’ hostel is on one side and girl’s on the other end #howsad

Thankfully in UMS Labuan, they did not torture us like that. If not, I’ll be dating a lot with my bf via skype #howunromantic

There are more new building in construction. However, I still reckon UMS is the most beautiful uni in Malaysia (haven’t been to the other uni so you’re welcome to bring me for a tour if you think your uni is more beautiful than UMS)

Then we dropped by my parent’s house which is like 10 mins away from Unimas. It is quite easy to spot which house is theirs just by the golf club at the entrance. And mom is wearing my netball t-shirt <3

Dad loves playing golf. I tried to pick it up a couple of times but no one wana teach me T___T

Pictures of the kids! I know I am extra special cos I have 4 pictures and brothers are only in 2 wtf.

I love my brothers to bits! Make sure you guys come back to S’wan for Raya ya 🙂

Heineken was so nice to provide us accommodation. Back to the city to check-in to Grand Margherita hotel.

View from our room!

Room was pretty standard. 2x queen sized bed for us to sleep like a starfish.

Pool was so near to our room that I woke up like 645am 2 days in a row to go swimming #damngungho

Went sightseeing a little. No rest in Kuching! It’s all out and about when we were there.

To buy Sarawak’s famous kek lapis, we have to travel by this boat. Will write more about it in the next post.

What I admire about Kuching after seeing pictures from my camera is how green the trees and grass are! And the sky is super blue.

You don’t get to see that in KL cos of air pollution. For those who don’t enjoy blue sky I say boo ya!

I did not photoshop this. See how vibrant the colour is? I <3 it.

 Some antique shop selling coins.

We settled for this quaint little cafe for some drinks & kuih that you don’t find selling anymore.

It runs by this uncle who has good PR skill. Keep complimenting us (I think… since my Mandarin sucks) and try to get us to buy.

All the kuih here reminds me of my childhood. I wonder how is the uncle that I used to buy it from by the roadside.

Kelapa with gula Melaka pulut

My Sarsi Cincau

Sherry’s leh chi kang & boobies wtf.

Saw this cute lil boy & I was wondering what he was doing until I went a step closer. He was so shy, he didn’t want to look into the camera when I take pictures of him.

Super comel kan? How I wish I have his childhood. To be able to play with clay by the roadside and be the centre of attention XP

We went to Charmy for some ice shaving. It is my second time there and I ordered their specialty. Which is some egg yolk thingy in between their ice. Now, we were debating if the egg yolk is raw – me being a girl who doesn’t cook was indenial that the egg is raw. Then we asked the waitress to get some clarification. And the egg is indeed raw. When it get mixed up with ice, it harden and turned into this chewy substance. I like it but don’t fancy the red bean wtf.

Then Boss Emmanuel brought us to see his bachelor pad house in making. It is still incomplete and not much pictures of how it looks like inside as the construction workers & their family were squatting in it. I felt like an intruder there.

This is how his bachelor pad house will look like in the coming months. It has 4 rooms with plenty of space to run around. Can even have mini camping in the backyard. Or if got projector screen then we can lay out a mat and watch footie. No, wait… better still, watch the stars 🙂

Ok, obviously I am carried away with what to do in the backyard so gotta stop now. See ya in the next post! 🙂

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  1. i havent heard of a different variety of yew char kuey.. with sausage and mayo? I think i’ll love this one.. haha..

    trip looking good on the first day itself.. oh btw, i wanna fly on a plane too! 🙂

    • Haha initially I thought it would be my favourite as well but the mayo taste quite funny on yew char kuey lolz!

  2. Missing Sarawak Laksa to bits ):

  3. LOL at Sherry Lin Chi Kang photo HAHAHA!

    I wonder the air tix to sarawak then back to west malaysia expensive or not hehe

    anyways see u next post! I like kaya yao chat kuai 😀

    • HAAAAA notty laugh until like that -.-
      umm, if buy early not so expensive lor. cos we bought last minute and it cost us rm400 for 2 ways.
      me like kaya yew char kuey too 😀

  4. wah, always wanted to visit la.

    • gia we should plan a trip there. i’m already going back to kch in end may – early june for gawai.

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