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by melmonica on March 7th, 2010


I just came back from Penang last week and it was my second trip in two months. So I’ll squeeze in 2 Penang trips post into 1:)

In Jan, went down to celebrate baby’s birthday and early Valentine’s Day. Well, actually, everytime we meet, it feels like Valentine’s Day. Cos we meet like once a month and that one time means a lot. Precious, precious moment.

Baby brought me to this Taiwanese restaurant for lunch one day.

We ordered Mini Steamboat.

Tomyam Mini steamboat

Psst. The red blurry thing on the bottom left is pork slice. Yums!

Baby’s favourite. Forgot what it is called -_-”

The best thing about visiting baby in Penang is.

Can take picture while on motorbike how i wish it was a vespa


Starting to take pictures that scream AH HANNNNNNNN!

It wasn’t easy taking picture on a motorbike. One needs to be very alert and can quickly think of what story to tell by taking a particular picture.

This was taken before the man turned into a junction.


In another trip.

Baby attempts to be artsy fartsy.

Sipping on green tea ice blended while reading an old issue of National Geographic *geek mode on

G Hotel

A quick lunch at Pastamania before Valentine’s Day. Couldn’t decide which is the best photo of the pasta so you be the judge.




From the earlier food pics, I think you can more or less know which one is taken by me.

After movie, go take pics again.

Okay this is cheat one. We were still when I took this. That’s why so symmetry.

Sigh if only I got wide angle lens.

Even go vertical also cannot save Mayfair building.

Baby pai de.

Hello uncle.

Gotcha mister.

Hello mister. Again.

He managed to cycle in front of us cos he didn’t stop at the traffic light hence overtook us.

And then we lunch at Kochabi. The same Taiwanese restaurant we came during my last trip.

If only you had showed me your body.

His colleagues recommended this beef noodle. It’s a MUST TRY when you are here.

Well, looks can be deceiving. After I tried it, sad to say but it tasted like the RM5 instant beef noodle Elias bought last time at 7 Eleven in Taiwan zzz.

When we were here, the second time, all the food price increase by RM1. Probably because of CNY week. Ice water also increase 20 cents making it RM1.20. Freaking ice water per glass.

Alien invasion.

Very skinny fireworks on the 2nd day of My FM event at Esplanade.

Lastly, RM7 rojak at Gurney Drive for supper.

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