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I’m Alice in your Wonderland

by melmonica on September 11th, 2011

Sorry, title of this post was ‘inspired’ by Gwen Stefani

So, after Time Tunnel, we headed to our chalet. Was a bit skeptical on how it’ll look like considering the name is Bala’s Holiday Chalet.

Well, don’t judge a book by it’s name cos the place is really beautiful! It has English style setting with beautiful garden spread around.

Scones and tea for you on teak adirondack chairs in this amazing garden?

Sun was shining and we were loving it!

3 great traveling buddies. The next time I’m traveling, I’d definitely ring them up.

The chalet has 2 floors, boys sleep upstairs and the girls get the room with TV heh πŸ˜€

The boys’ room is attached to a mysterious empty room. Dare not take picture of it, in case I accidentally capture any ghostly image.

The boys’ bunk bed.

If you read the history here, the chalet was built during pre-war era and was previously a boarding school.

The romantico reception area.

In-house restaurant.

With roses on table.

Another seating area. Perfect place to curl up and share ghost stories.

This…. is a room next to the picture above. When we were there, the lights in the room was off. Somehow, I felt that the room was very welcoming so I walked closer towards it.

A piano was placed by a sofa & fireplace. When I was about to step in, something inside me forbid from entering. And the room suddenly felt chilly. Like something just woosh over me.

After a while, I talked to them about it, they too felt that the lobby area was a bit creepy. Well, except for Emmanuel, he said, ‘I entered nothing also’ -.-

Freshen up a little bit, we headed to a Chinese restaurant in Tanah Rata for lunch.

Stout chicken. My favourite! Was tempted to sapu it all if I didn’t have to share πŸ˜›

Japanese tofu. Umm, tasted quite bland.

I don’t like prawn more like I’m too lazy to peel it but this was really good. Though a little dry, it has a kick of spiciness.

This, my friend is the worst bak ku teh ever!

Don’t be deceived by the looks (or in our case, the smell). I usually finish my food no matter how bad it taste, but this is not worth the space in my stomach and the energy to shit out wtf.

Went a bit of sightseeing. Picture taken with Corby Pro.

This is the widest view with 35mm cos I didn’t pack kit lens for the trip hrmph.

Anyway, big difference kan in terms of picture quality.

At night, we went to the night market in Brinchang. Unfortunately, it was raining and freezing cold. And we were clad only in shorts and tee.

We had kuey chap to warm ourselves up.

As usual, I asked for extreme spicy. The spicier, the better! Then the boys gave me the puzzled look. And when we took the first bite, all fanning themselves with tongues out πŸ˜›

Boss gets the special seat.

It was really good, we went for second helping! But this time, LESS SPICY PLEASE!

And to our dismay, it tasted too salty for our liking.

Boss Emmanuel then out of nowhere said I can smell Penang lang around hahaha #insidejoke

Being a curios creature, we tried the honey comb. It’s like eating honey all the way.

While chewing on the white comb…

Emmanuel (asked the seller): Uncle, the white chewy thing can be swallowed ma?

Seller: Cannot. Eat already can (insert Chinese words that I don’t understand) You can spit the white chewy thing here (show garbage bin)

Me: Umm, I just ate it  wor wtf.

Seller (face sweaty): Oh, actually can eat one. Nothing will happen de. The rest you can spit it out here.

But I can’t spit cos a lady doesn’t spit wtf. I would rather be poisoned than behaving like a China pek guy wtf.

After night market, like everyone else, we went for steamboat. Though there are no pictures on this, but boy, the steamboat was the best I ever had haha. It wasn’t so much on the food, but the company that matters. We had a great time laughing non-stop. I can sense the tables around us were jealous cos we were so genuinely happy. Now, tell me when was the last time you were happy and not have a single worry/problem/to-do-list on your mind. I’m so glad that I experienced that ‘genuine happiness’ with them πŸ™‚

Tips: When you’re up in Cameron, don’t buy strawberry so early in the afternoon or evening. Cos the price will only get cheaper by time wtf. In the afternoon, we bought a packet of strawberry at Avant Chocolate and it cost RM8. In the evening, we bought 2 packets of strawberry at night market for RM10. After steamboat, the same stall (in night market) was already selling 3 packets for RM10.


Next day, woke up late. Said goodbye to English room. Headed to Avant Chocolate for brunch.

Bala’s Holiday Chalet is worth staying. Our room only costs RM400/night. And silly me, left 2 umbrellas there. Only realized it when I reached KL. Told Emmanuel that I gotta have it back no matter what. I’d even pay for the shipping fee cos one of the umbrella has sentimental value to me. The next day itself, Bala’s send it to KL without any charges!

Warning: Don’t see this with empty stomach. Now go grab an apple and be envy enjoy the food pictures πŸ˜›

Total bill was like RM100++. Thanks Hong for chia-ing us. I cry for your wallet & we were OD on strawberry.

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  1. I like the english style setting of Bala’s Holiday Chalet but reading the history, it sure creeps me out a bit. Btw, the food from Avant Chocolate looks sooooo good!

    • Haha. My friend actually saw a white cloud went through our room when all of us were watching TV. He only mentioned it to us the next day after we checked out the chalet.

  2. The pastries look so yumm

  3. Y I NO GO~! Wait, I was working, wasn’t I ? Wait, was I invited ? Wahaha, syok sendiri only comment like this.

    • Ummm, think you got invited but you were to lansi hanging out with us. You said, ‘I’m too cool for y’all!’

      • Wahhh, I never knew I would ever say that? Or was that your own words put into my mouth? Dush~!

        • Haha you are Mr Popular what. Always got stuffs to do. Mr Too Cool for Cameron trip πŸ˜›

  4. Gahhhhhh~ I went there too during Raya Holiday!! LOL!! U stayed at the Smoke house?? Hahaha… so haunted feels but mine apartment got the haunted feels as welll!! TOuch woods. XD

  5. Damn! Those foods at the Chocolate Avant really stirs up jealousy over you!!!!!!!!

  6. Whaooo. Nice postie ya! It’s been a long time I never been to cameron. How nice. πŸ™‚

    • You should totally go. But don’t go during school holidays. The place will be pretty jammed up.

  7. Oh god, the cakes and all look damn good! Its been such a long time since I went to Cameron Highlands πŸ™‚ Nice post btw!

  8. oh my gawd… the english setting cottage look is so beautiful! I thought its from another country! Such a nice getaway with friends.

    Honey comb, i wish i could try this too.

    • haha you gotta experience for yourself in Cameron. It’s really worth the time & money.

  9. chibiliana permalink

    hi there, nice blog u have! πŸ™‚ was browsing through the mystery of bala’s chalet and found ur blog.

    well there was certainly a bit creepy feeling when i stayed there last year with my husband. we stayed in the room with fireplace located on its second floor. the whole night i couldn’t be able to sleep and only managed to close the tired eyes when it was almost dawn. the room was quite big for two and somehow the quiet creepy night almost made my stomach chilled.

    the next morning, i asked bala on where should i go to iron some of my clothes. he told me to walk down the stairs and i found it. from what i could tell, the room was like kinda a storage place and used only by the maid chambers to iron the bed spread. the iron board was actually a big, old table. i took a little time wandering in that room and i found lots of creepy things such as the ancient woman statue, lots of old document and stuffs. i swear something just woosh behind my neck.

    well i agree the scenary in bala’s chalet was just fantastic but thinking of how should i spend the night with chilling stomach, i shall be thinking twice.

    besides, did u notice there was an old, untarred road that heading to the hill in the chalet’s parking area? well when we checked in, it was night and my husband was looking for an empty space carpark. he accidently drove up the old road to make a u-turn so he drove the way up until he found a big, old mansion with ‘private property’ sign on its old gates.

    my husband said there was no light from the house but still he could see it due to the moonlight. he swore to me the mansion was a real creep and very old. he quickly made u-turn on the limited space up there and drove down our car. we wished to see the mansion again when it was daytime but we forgot. the mansion was just next up to the bala’s chalet.

    i could not find anything in the net about the old mansion. no one seems to care enough to explain to whom the mansion belongs. scary enough eh?

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