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Goodbye suckers!

by melmonica on May 26th, 2011

I’m so amped on this weekend. Mommy & I will be heading to The Banjaran for a much needed break.

A sneak peek on what to look forward to~

Don’t you think the view is absolutely gorgeous and serene?

I for one am so pruning myself in the pool.

It’s the perfect place to escape from the rush rush of the city. Perfect place to unwind, relax and perhaps, meditate.

Planning to off my phone to disconnect myself with the outside world. Because I just wana be at peace with the nature.

Like this girl.

Meditating in the cave.

Pretty cool huh?

We were given complimentary 3D2N stay and this includes a string of spa & massage treatments woots!

I am dying for a massage. Imagine a young, vivacious person dates a computer for almost 10 hours a day. My shoulder has become as stiff as a rock. The boyfriend wouldn’t give me a massage (not even after a hint upfront request) and the last time I had a massage was good while it last hrmph.

You know how some resort allows you to have special request? I was thinking of requesting an organic birthday cake cos my birthday is coming soon wtf. But mom rejected the idea saying ‘Haiya, you want birthday cake, I buy for you lor. People already give you few thousand ringgit punye treatment you still want to request for a birthday cake . I also malu wana ask -.-”

But mom, I just want to know how an organic birthday cake taste like wtf.

I secretly wish the people in The Banjaran would read this so that they can surprise me wtf.

Anyway, heard that The Banjaran won several awards last year.

Scrolls to the testimonial page.

OMG Dato’ Farah Khan stayed there before!

OMG Sheila Majid also stayed there before!

AND and… a man who lost 10kg after 2 weeks on The Banjaran fitness program.

Well, I don’t want to lose weight but I sure do want to build up my stamina so that I can be more athletic than baby wtf competitive couple.

Right now the only ‘exercise’ that I do is in the club. Yes, dancing in the club is considered an exercise to me wtf.  Ya wat, that’s the only time I sweat from non-stop vigorous movement.

Anyway,  I shall stop here. Will write more when I’m back (hopefully!)

Since Henry borrowed me his tripod, I’m so excited to play with slow shuttle speed & hopefully to be able to capture a picture like this

*Singing I’m meditating bitch!

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  1. lost 10 kg in 2 weeks? i wan xD

  2. When I see the first picture, I’m asking myself “Did I just see Pandora?” Awesome getaway! 😀

  3. woot! enjoy your upcoming trip Melissa~!

  4. wahhh…. macam best saja! enjoy ya!

  5. aiyo suddenly run far far away! enjoy k!

  6. @Kyril yeah man. Pay few thousand to lose weight in 2 weeks or follow the conventional way. Work your ass out for a good bod 😉

    @Eli I went there for inspection before. It’s amazing I tell you. I hope the pictures I’ll be taking will do justice to the place 🙂

    @Isaac & @Henry Thanks yo! You too have a great weekend

    @Papabear Where got so far… It’s just Ipoh mali nia 🙂

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