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From Barber to Barbie?

by melmonica on August 29th, 2010

Few days ago, I passed by this place and thought that it was a cool place to take pictures. It’s a place that will soon extinct looking at the growing number of modern salon. At first, the owner was reluctant to let me photograph. So I kinda lied and said that I’m in college wtf studying photography double wtf and it would be great for my assignments oh i’m so going to hell.


My objective was to take some close-up pics of the texture (not sure if that’s the right word to describe) and tools that they use. Judging by the pictures below, I guess I … failed. And sadly at the moment, there was no customer. Sigh, my idea of shooting a hair-cut-in-progress (yes of all things) in a vintage barber can just toss it out of the window. Nevertheless, here are some shots.






I know I should edit it more vintage-y style but I’m still learning and since I haven’t post these pictures in my facebook imma post up the vintage-feel-barber pics in months to come wtf

Then in the evening, I joined Benjamin, Simon, Dexter, Kenny and Melvin to have my first ever portrait shoot!  I know, I was soooo excited of it! Though it wasn’t my style (read:pretty, soft, pose, smile at camera/serious look away from camera) but just be open and go with the flow.

And seriously, whoever says portrait shoot is easy IS A PRO! This is my first time meeting all the models, thus, I don’t know anything about them, how am I going to take their best side?! If it was my friends, we would have this mutual understanding on how we want the shoot to be. So, yesterday, I need to communicate with them in my extremely limited Mandarin wtf so let the pictures do the talking wtf.

Alice Chieng




#9: Guys will so drool over this 😛

Yoona Tang









Natalie Ng


And they setup a mini studio


And the outcome of the colour:


#19: The Boys’ Favourite

It would be better if the floor is white as well kan? Or better still, if the edge is curvy instead.

Thanks to all the models for being so patient and co-operative. Looking forward to the next session gahhh I need to improve!

Visitors/Readers, appreciate your constructive criticism please 🙂


Simon just came back with the edited pics for the models. Seriously, editing makes your pictures stand out from the rest.

Compared to my pictures, these are super cunted right? Thanks Simon!!

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  1. from barber to barbie zzz ask the girls go there and cut their hair la wahaha

  2. i think you’re quite good at this. (from an outsider’s point of view). i like the salon shots.

    can i be your model? XD

    thx for dropping by my blog. i can’t really answer you where to find the best laksa. i’m not really picky when it comes to penang food. –________–lll all i can tell you is don’t eat at restaurants. eat at the roadside stalls. they usually taste better.

    those that they say are famous usually used to taste good but they turn bad after they got famous. –_________–lll

  3. omg!!! those pic are nice especially in the saloon! well done!

  4. LOL at the lie, but worth it! The photos of vintage salon caught my eye.

  5. hfeng permalink

    Oh mel… those pic are great~!! u can improve more if u practise more… i believe tat u can! more confidence in urself ya… post more & share with us ya..

  6. It’s impossible to ask the girl go cut there wtf the old man also don’t dare to cut pretty girl’s hair la wahahaha.

  7. Jfish: Thank you very much for the compliment! I’d be honoured having you as my model.

    Stefbunny: Yeah, but I reckon, it wasn’t my best. Need to learn how to edit it to have the more vintange-y feeling

    Hfeng: Thanks girl! Will keep that in mind 🙂

  8. J_Fish of course la Balik pulau laksa 🙂 Mel i wan to go there to cut botak la please bring me next time. keep up the good job

  9. hi there, nice pics1

    thanks for the boots compliment

    actually, cant wear but i wore anyways…i work in a american multinational team is a bit flexible and on tat day my mood was good…so i wore caged boots to work!

  10. Good! Then I can photograph you going through ancient barber cut 😛

  11. Hey (Evelyn) Salt,

    So nice… How I wish if I can do the same. You’re such a lucky girl.

  12. Hi melmonica, thanks for dropping by. nanged your mtv 🙂 the best time to go is usually before june because after that period of time will be the raining season already 🙂

  13. Wow, I just lurve your post and blog! It’s so pretty~ ^^

  14. Hey Erika, thanks for visiting. Wow, featured blogger of the week, huh? Impressive! Congrats yo!

    Keat: Hey, thanks for the tips. Now I can start planning on my getaway 🙂

  15. NICE!! i like the barber la!! hehe. got feel!!

  16. Thanks Xiao Wen. Wish to edit it with more feel but haven’t learn how to edit yet. Jia you!! 🙂

  17. Hi Monica,

    Thanks for coming by my site as well as leaving a comment. Your photos show great potential! Keep it up, always look for the light and how it lights up your subjects. Light before poses and then you got it right 😉


  18. Wooo..the shots are great! U have a beautiful face, nice complexion n a good photographer. =)

  19. Mark: Thanks for taking time to drop by my blog as well. Thanks for the tips and will keep that in mind 🙂

    Msxeror: Are you sure you’re looking at the right person? Haha. I wasn’t in this post at all. Anyway, thanks for dropping by. Cheerios~

  20. haha melmonica always a beautiful girl she just being low profile

  21. Hi Monica, I’m here! Seems like you are very interested in photography wo, keep it up! I’m sure I dare not to even walk in to the saloon, paiseh! Agree with u that such places is good place to take artsy pix 🙂
    The reply to your question: We are using Canon 450D 🙂

  22. Nice photo shootings! 🙂
    It looks so nicee..

  23. This is a good blog. Keep up all the work. I too love blogging and expressing my opinions. Thanks 🙂

  24. Tong Sheng: Seriously, I’m not all that pretty pretty *heee~

    Zoee: Haha. All I did was step outside my comfort zone for my ultimate goal. Nice pictures. Glad that many of you like it 🙂

    Ellyn: Thanks you very much! Will post up more of my shoots soon:)

    CL: Thanks!

  25. tze ching permalink

    whoa u managed to take pics in the barber shop!! so daring eh… i remember the uncle there very fierce de… my bro used to get the hair cut there when he was like, very very young… 🙂 memories xD and yes, its the kind of barber thats going to extinct.

    nice pics btw 🙂

  26. Oh, my. Are you sure you’re not lying about shooting portraits for the first time? They’re great..! Very well done for a first timer.

    Uhh, and I think it’s time for you to repent. Hell is waiting.


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