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you’re so gay & you don’t even like boys

by melmonica on November 28th, 2008

Currently listening to: No More by Heidi Montag

Yepp, that’s the very same girl.. Heidi from The Hills. HAHA. Someone tagged Heidi as whore. Well, I wouldn’t call her a whore but I think she’s really blond. If you know what I mean..

Counting: 16 hours 26 minutes to my flight back. Yipeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! Finally I’m free from this prison. But sensei really bersemangat to teach us today cos it’s me & some girls punye last Japs day. One thing that I admire him is that he put his heart & soul while teaching us. It just inspires you to want to study hard for Japs though i hate hate shukudai.

Sleepy. Slept 3 hours last night. Room currently in the mess but I don’t really care cos I’m going back home.

That’s all my Japs book, clothes worn less than 5 times in a semester, besi buruk a.k.a accessories

That’s the Media Guide Malaysia 07 hehe cos surprise surprise Miss Rahida borrowed me the book so I can fulfill my dream of… tell you later;)

Plan to put my text books in 2nd bag but don’t know if it fits not. Too many of ’em. Oh counted d… 8 thick books. Hmm… camner ha?! Malas wana bawak kotak besar. Zzz.

I miss my bangs although it’s so long & ugly now. Keep poking my eyes like anything.

Another thing I’ll be missing is zhumao. It’s not a pig nor a cat.

It’s this.

A dog. Keke. And we call her zhumao. Neway, can’t bring her home cos she’s too large to bawak. Plus if I bring her back home this sem, then mum for sure won’t let me bring her balik next sem. So, gonna hug zhumao puas puas tonight.

I’m battling with my eyelids to keep them open. Gonna utilize what my mum & I have in common. We can watch series & sleep at the same time.

Goodnite y’all.

PS: Yeah, back home soon!!!!!!!!

Note to self: Amoi, this is not the 1st time you balik la dong!

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