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When I am with him, I am thinking of you

by melmonica on April 7th, 2009

Wow wow wow. I’ve been following MTV reality show called The Girls of Hedsor Hall, it is about collecting 12 of the wildest, out of control girls in America, put them in an English school & change them into a young lady. So, along the way, they’ll show a bunch of crazy things the girls did in their past & last Sunday was the season finale episode.

I was looking forward to knowing who will win. Of course I have my own favourite of winner but MTV punye one liner summarization of the video destroy the anticipation. They reveal in the one-liner summary that Kimberly was going to win zzz. So, what’s the point of watching the video if the one-liner already reveal the winner zzz. Nevertheless, I still watched the video.

& just recently The Hills Season 5 is back. This time MTV edit The Hills punye… well I don’t know what you call it.. you know the part where they introduce all the cast… yeah, that intro part. If you compare, the intro part in season 4 and season 5 is different. & I prefer the season 4’s intro cos it makes them look so rich & fabulous, that they are living in a Hollywood life that some of us dream of. The way it was portray like,”Bam bam bam” all the cool activities that they do, match with the music beat plus what I love is the camera swirling & light sparkling. It is so smart of MTV to edit that way.

But in season 5, it was like… MTV just put them up for duno what sake.. no meaning, no direction… just very blah.

Watch the video if you don’t understand. I’m really bad with describing things. Sumimasen.

Season 4

Season 5

Love Katy Perry. Love her video. Enjoy:)

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