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what a gloomy day

by melmonica on December 22nd, 2008

I really think it is unfair… for all the hardwork I put in for my project & this is what I got?? It’s like this laa… our education system is very theory based, exam oriented. I single handedly did the website for my minor paper (oklah… baby did most of it), they didnt put in any effort, no moral support.. just waiting for the product to be done. Presentation pun I kena buat. I still remember the night before the presentation me & baby bermati-matian did the web till 4am. & when I met them the next morning, they still can ignore me.. making me feel that they are too good for me.

& I saved their asses during the presentation because the lecturer didnt believe that they had an input in it since they were so blur when I presented but i just told him that they did give some input in another way. After presentation also compliment the website a fake nice & thank you (well, what should i expect?)

Checked my result today… I got a B- for that minor paper. & they got a bleedy A bulat. An A bulat. Wow. Wana say geram also no use. Can’t hate them as well cos they are my friends. Am I stupid or what? They didnt even thank me when they get A bulat. If it wasnt for me/baby, they will lost 20 marks for the website project & I give them the highest marks sumore.

Overall, my result also drop (well, what do i expect?). Although dropped but thankfully I didnt do as badly as I thought it would be. Still remember I tear cos cant answer any question at all for Marketing Research but in the end get B- (weird, huh?)

Kinda regret that 3 major papers almost get A but didnt get there. Aih… passed edi. Just need to focus on my final semester. This is the first sem baby got higher GPA than me keke. He got 3.24 & me 3.23 haha 0.01 difference nia. But I’m still proud of him for beating me finally hehe. And guess what my friends got? 3.75 (damn…) Next sem, no matter what… cannot lose to them.

In the evening, nem nem teman me go take passport sized pic for my resume. The last time I took was before I entered uni (May 2006).

May 2006                                       Dec 2008

Got look like just did plastic surgery ka lol? Okok… I looked chubbier in the latest pic but seriously I thought I lost weight… but pic never lies sigh… & if you see the pic upclose, the latest pic photoshop effect macam cincai do only although they polished my teeth really white hehe. why didnt they photoshopped my braces away last time zzz

Okies… princess gotta make a phone call to her prince before sleeping hehe. Nite nite y’all & Merry X’mas!

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