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time… where do we go?

by melmonica on November 29th, 2008

Yay, 2 more hours till my taxi comes, 4 and half hours till my flight departs & 15 hours till I snuggle at home safely.

Gosh, don’t know why neh… suddenly my heart beat so fast. Don’t know whether excited-fast-heartbeat or scared-fast-heartbeat. Just hope that nothing goes wrong later. And most importantly, don’t want pay for overweight hehe.

Btw, I cried this morning cos can’t believe I’m leaving. Can’t hug hug zhumao liao. Need to put her in the cupboard so kesian. Huhu. Not bringing any magazine home cos tarak place liao. Maybe I’ll snoop in the Vogue magazine I took without noticing from a hotel at Brunei keke.

My 2 bags & 1 box doesn’t mean anything. You should see Hooi Ming when she travels by MAS. Gosh, like Paris Hilton only. I miss travelling with Hooi Ming. With her, you can get away with literally anything. Her negotiating skills memang top. Always when I wana negotiate,  the fella gave me a look and I have no choice but to pay.

Just a while ago, Hooi Ming already booked me & baby for dinner tomorrow yay. She wana bring us go eat fried chicken beside the police station at Ayer Tawar. I knew it was good but didn’t know the stall is still exist. And grandma just booked me for lunch tomorrow. Wtf I’m talking as if I’m a celebrity & you need to make appointment prior seeing me hehe.

Neway, I’ll miss Sei Hoo cos he’s stuck in KK not coming back to S’wan huhu. My crazy partner not so in crime.

Both of us acting cute what the hell were we thinking at Yogur Berry, KK a year ago.

I hope he doesnt kill me for uploading this pic here hehe

Ok gtg d. Need to simpan bedsheet, cooking utensil & stuffs. Hmm, perhaps I should clean my room as well. See you guys back at Sitiawan! Muacks~

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  1. lolz! so funny lar ur pic with seihoo….so trying to act cute…

  2. yea.. & u noe it was his idea to do dat!
    sei hoo is less sei hoo in front of girls i guess

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