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Time Out

by melmonica on October 5th, 2008

Listening to: Como Los Olivos by Bebe on

Been listening to some random Spanish songs by random singers on my trustworthy online radio station,

Since I was fourteen, I self-learned Spanish. Be it by watching Mis Tres Hermanas (and reading the subtitle at the same time) or listening to Jennifer Lopez’s On The 6 album or simply just surfing the net learning new words. Don’t know why I was so into this language. Come 2006, I supported Spain (of course) during the World Cup 2006. During that time, lagilah I rajin wana learn the language. And being the silly school girl that I know at that time, I used to wishing, hoping & praying every day that one day Iker Casillas would marry me. Plus, I wanted to learn Spanish in uni but however, my uni does not offer Spanish language course. How sucky.

Anyway, I have no idea the point of me blogging about this topic. Just the feeling of missing listening to Spanish songs, miss having the crazy idea of going to Spain and meet Iker Casillas at Santiago Bernabeu (Real Madrid’s stadium). Gosh, that was me. Always wishing on something that I couldn’t achieve. I still remembered my mum was planning to send me to Spain for a holiday after my SPM. However, my dad wouldn’t let me like duh I’m the only daughter plus travelling there would be so freakin’ expensive.

But like now, since I’m 22 already, I don’t have to ask my parents for permission to go anywhere anymore. Like all my trips to Muar, KL, KK and Brunei. I’m always like “Oh, btw mum, I’ll be going to so and so next week. So please bank in for me so and so amount”. Haha. Mum got no other words to say than banking in money for me:D Love ya mum!

So, I gotta temporary stop blogging for now. Have to rush all the stupid assignments. I so can’t wait to graduate. But I’ll leave that to another post. Ciao~

PS: Listen to Luis Fonsi’s Perdoname. His voice is so sexy. Gosh, I’m getting my hopes & stupid dreams all up now again.

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