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they call me babydoll

by melmonica on November 24th, 2008

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I’m duper excited I’m coming home this weekend. Sien.. flight on 29 but only reach Sitiawan on 30th zzz. Kesian, this time me have to naik bus back to Sitiawan. Mr Newton Julak has posted to Kota Kinabalu for 3 years as a marine coast officer. Right when I thought I don’t need to visit KK again.

As soon as my 1st roomate ふるさとうへかえります, got more space in the room, so started packing my books & mags 1st. But after packing, started thinking twice whether to bring back or not cos it’s like super heavy. Although this time I’ll be flying back home by MAS (excited!! nem jemput me at KLIA ya, not LCCT)

So right now all alone. Thought I’m going to enjoy my post-exam days.. ok which I did. Me, baby, Elias, HM, Adwin & donkuu went for bowling session. The whole day we were poking fun at donkuu nia. This was my 1st time playing against him. Heard that he is a loser in bowling haha. But this time, he played well. Me, Elias & Adwin bermati-matian trying to beat donkuu which in the end, we did;) & my ball is the slowest ever. It takes 10 second to hit the pin. Elias pulak yawning at the back but in the end it was a STRIKE. shocker.

Gotta go. Baby’s done cooking. しょくどうへたべましょ!さよなら;)

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  1. baby baby doll, i love ur super duper slow ball, it is totally cool!!

    baby rox

  2. hehe love matou!
    yay, 2 more days to go!!

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