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The one and only human gadget

by melmonica on June 15th, 2012

Lo and behold!

The extremely, incredibly SEXY gadget. (Note that I cannot emphasize enough the sexiness)


When I came back from Kuching, this welcomed me wtf. I’ve received an opportunity to review the phone thanks to the awesome Nuffnang. I’ve always been a Samsung evangelist. Last time I die and breathe Samsung. My last Samsung phone was Samsung Corby Pro which I was very proud to have cos it has best of both world – touch screen and QWERTY keyboard. Then later on, when I had the chance to change phone, I wasn’t very impressed with the S2 hence I got an XL. And I reckon all the smartphones nowadays are almost similar. Specs, tech and size are out there for easy comparison. What consumers is looking for is the human touch. And let’s see if Samsung Galaxy S3 is there.

To me, the most important function is le camera! Let’s do a photo comparison.


HTC Sensation XL taken by me. #no filter


Samsung Galaxy S3 taken by Bryan Hoo #nofilter

On the screen, S3 wins hands down that it looks way better. But you be the judge whether it’s nice or not.

Second thing that amazes me is the weight!

OMG. How can a phone be so light!! It’s curvaceous shape, 4.8″ Super Amoled display will definitely appeal to girls. Though I like some weight on my phone (cos I have shaky hands) I can’t help but to fall in love with it.

If you ask me what’s so great about this phone?

You know how nowadays your gadget reflects you as a person, Samsung Galaxy S3 is definitely a lifestyle phone. It was designed for human and somehow, every one goes gaga over the phone when I whip it out.

The perfect way to describe how I feel when I was using this phone is illustrated in the video below.

It made me feel as though there is nothing I couldn’t do.

Because it’s super sonic fast and the interface is so light i can die – you wouldn’t miss a second of fun in your life.




Playing with the multi shots. Best function to practice your silly camwhore face.

The most incredible thing ever is how fast the camera focuses and take picture. You know how the annoying thing about the other phone cameras is the 3 second lag. And you have to hold your grin for like 3 seconds and if you move before that 3 seconds –> picture turns out blur and you have to grin for another 3 seconds wtf.

But with the S3, it focuses faster than your DSLR and take pictures as good as it.

Other than the usual social media app that I downloaded, when I had the S3, I tweet/ instagram with it most of the time. The transition from pages, from app is fast and sangat sexy. I don’t know why i keep using the word. Maybe it makes you feel like that wtf. But seriously, if you’re thinking of getting a new gadget that will last you a lifetime as long as you want.

One of the thing that I regret not doing is to record video with the phone. I wana judge the video quality.

Oh forgot to mention, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the perfect companion for a multitasker. You can watch your Big Bang Theory while whatsapping/ texting your friends. It’s the perfect invention for me. My new #soulmate wtf.


So if you’re thinking of getting a new gadget this year, go to the nearest store and test the S3. I can guarantee you that it’ll blow your mind.


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