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someone among us

by melmonica on November 11th, 2008

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For the past few days I was in a miserable mood cos I can’t register for the hottest subject. All my friends registered for Internet Technology & as usual, last minute register & the subject is no longer offered to us cos quota is limited. Tried day & night, day to day & even donkuu helped me to check from time to time cos mana tau someone decided to drop IT & that leaves a space for me.

So like today, yc say she wana print out the registered form cos tomorrow need to give mentor sign & I was so bummed out that I still can’t register IT & everyone, besties, groupies all register for IT leaving me taking System Analysis & Design.

So then I put up this on my MSN:

mel: whoever drops IT for me will receive RM20

And so I went to check the system again & surprise surprise… IT is in the list again! Faster double-click & save it. Phew, the pop-up confirmation did work & I’m so superbly happy now. Called donkuu, he was happy for me. Both started planning for the next semester already. Okok… cool down. This sem is not over yet. still got 5 more papers to go. Zzz.

Whoever did that or if there is any, thank you so much. You save my life cos I don’t need to take System Analysis & Design although I heard the tutor is a hottie.

Although I still cannot register one major, but still thnx so much. Yayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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