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by melmonica on March 9th, 2009

Currently Listening to: A phone conversation between my dad & Matthias


Guess where am i?? At KK!! Well, actually I’m in KK for 3 days d zzz but… my dad punye Celcom broadband cannot be used on my lappie duno why so everytime use dad’s laptop to online I forgot to update blog zzz.

Nothing much in KK since I’ve been here like every single holiday that UMS has. But still, this time dad brought me to Karamunsing which is similar to Low Yatt. Never been there before & we shopped for technology things but sadly can’t find a Nikon SLR huhu:(

Neway, my trip to KK this time was totally a last minute thing due to friends brainwashing me zzz. Didn’t go anywhere much also cos saving for my shopping sakan trip when mum arrives KK on Friday heheh.

Well, that’s all for now. Brought my assignment here pun didnt touch zzz. Till then, toodles~


PS: I just realised that reader couldn’t listen to the song that I uploaded in last previous post. Click here to listen:)

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