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Random is the name of the day

by melmonica on October 24th, 2008

Listening to That’s Not My Name by The Ting Tings

Phew, what a day~ Today was the paling-banyak-random-things-berlaku day. Random though it was but it was good. Last minute found out that I have a class at 10am. Sweat… when can I have the chance to stay in bed till noon? Like I would sleep in if I have the chance.

And at sharp midnight, I woke up from my sleep, put on jacket and walk outta my room.

Roomate: Kamu mau pegi mana?

Mel:Pigi podium (main building)

Roomate: Hah…sudah jam 12 wor, kamu masih mau keluar? Kamu tidak takut ka?

Mel: Mau takut apa?

Roomate: Sudah lewat petang bah.

Mel: (puzzled… what she’s afraid of eh? ghost?? zzz)

Roomate: Kamu mau pegi jemput boyfriend ko ka?

Mel: Yupp.

So there I went, midnight, raining heavily, wind blew like no mercy, me walk walk under the rain to main building to rescue my boy boy.

I realised that this sem I have really changed a lot. Changed in terms of how I treat my boyfriend and how I maintain the relationship. If last sem, you asked me to walk under the rain to rescue my boy back to his hostel, I would say “Hell No”. But don’t know lor… this sem, I kinda like so over who-treats-who-better & stuffs. I do not compare as much at all & it makes our relationship better & more stable.

& this sem, I myself changed a lot. I seem to like to cook for people when I have the time. Since this sem I cook a lot, & I cook for my boyfriend quite a few times, it makes me want to cook for my family as well though I honestly still don’t fancy cooking.

Gosh… 2 more reports & 1 presentation to go. Waiting for it to be over & bring on FINAL EXAM!!!!!!!

Simply edit this pic 1… although I like the feeling portrayed in the pic but I don’t like the font’s placing. Macam a distraction jer. Doesn’t complement the pic. Baby always say I don’t know where to place a font & I totally agree with it. Need to learn more about it. Wish I study in MMU or something!!!

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