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Random day post

by melmonica on September 10th, 2008

Currently listening to: Sober by Kelly Clarkson on

Just came back from Japanese class. Am happy right now cos class was 1 hour nia. Hehe. Neway, suddenly as I’m typing here I feel sad. Miss my baby so much. Maybe cos I’m listening to Sober.

I hope tomorrow I get to go to town cos seriously, I need to buy stuffs to decorate my room. I’ve pasted posters of some of my favourite printed advertisement. Will post the picture here once my room is beautifully decorated:)

Earlier today, I had a small argument with baby. You know, arguing is like a norm between us these few days. And today we fought about my decision of applying my practical venue overseas. Last few days I chat with Julius (from Taiwan) and he helped me search for some advertising agency in Taiwan. Cos there’s where I wana work… advertising agency. And baby went ballistic cos I didn’t tell him about this earlier. But it’s like… It is not confirmed if I will work in Taiwan or not. Haizz… life totally sux.

I’m missing my boyfriend, my family & friends back home. When can I ever see you guys????????

bored to hell

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  1. Leon permalink

    Where is TS now?

  2. At Labuan…

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