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My Fav Songs

by melmonica on June 22nd, 2013


I was told by a stray cat that i listen to hipster music wtf. Well, i don’t think it’s hipster la. It’s just weird music lol. I remembered someone said that my music sense is “too depressing” and “he feels like committing suicide listening to it”. So please listen to the playlist that i’ve compiled, do the honour and make judgmental comments if you think my songs are really depressing T3T.


1. Lost by Frank Ocean

I super love Frank Ocean lor! Initially, I only listen to this song but I grow into liking all his other songs as well. I have no idea who/ how famous he is but massive love to this artist yo!


2. Make Believe by The Burned

This is the first time i’m listening to the live version. OMG i melt terus man. It gives this eerie lomantik feeling!!

Do you feel like committing suicide already?


3. Heart by Bertie Blackman

Mok and I always feel like dancing to this song.


4. As Much As You Lead by Lex Land

One of my personal fav. When I first heard of this song, i looped it for the entire day.


5. The Leavers Dance by The Veils

One of my absolute fav. Can’t get enough of it!


6. Griffin by The Medics

Crazy in love with this song!


7. Flutes by Hot Chip

I know the song is a bit panjang but you gotta listen to the entire song. I insist!


8. Hanging On by Ellie Goulding feat. Tinie Tempah

I reckoned British singers are much talented than American artists.


9. Pick & Choose by Stepdad

This is also my stray cat friend’s favourite. Ok la.


10. Humanimal by Fire in the Hamptons

This is my Cook Island holiday song. Well, after that it has become my “Perk-Me-Up” song. Totally in love with it!


Now see, my songs selection are not that depressing kan? Ok la if i put the entire playlist here you would swore that it’s depressing. But those are my favourite. So nice when you’re traveling alone, music is your best friend. And best of all, they don’t judge 😉


Have a good weekend people!

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