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marketing channel sux

by melmonica on November 9th, 2008

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Gosh, this few days my emotion was up & down like rollercoaster. 2 papers done & 7 days of break before final torture of the sem – 5 papers combo in 4 days. Luckily both Fundamentals of Multimedia & Franchising paper were ok. At least I still can answer the questions. Don’t need goreng so much. But what is so shockingly is in Multimedia paper, we were asked to draw a storyboard of a scene. Cisin de… didn’t ask us to prepare also. Dah ler i tangan bangku ask me draw sumore. I need to cover my answer sheet cos I don’t want people to see how ugly is my drawing. Seriously, it was that bad. I drew orang lidi. Well, the textbook say we’re allowed to draw orang lidi bah.

Fikiranku bercelaru.  Had a huge fight with baby few days ago. Until now, problem unsolved. We got no choice but to postpone the talk. Can’t concentrate in my revision since it happened. However, after talking to nem & gosh… she still has the ability to read my mind. Luv u lots, babe. Can’t wait to see you when I’m back.

Stewpid UMS online registration system. Ask people register course online but their server got problem. All my friends had register edi except for me. And when I register just now, the minor that all my friends registered is not offered to me. Dat’s it lor… full liao. Cilaka!! Dah ler we plan liao we’re gonna be groupies. Damn damn. Should tell this gov ppl. If wana do things, make sure you do it to the best with quality. If not, better don’t do it at all. Wan do on9 system but server tarak upgrade watde?! Zzz…

Instead of studying, me bz designing. mo yei zho

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