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i’m not dead

by melmonica on February 20th, 2009

imma so bored i’m finding album artwork for my itunes

i just reformat my laptop so these few days are spent on downloading all softwares (eg. opera,, adobe media player, skype, msn, real player & itunes of course)

& i hate the new skype & msn so much!!!

cos i don’t know how to close the chat space

sorry i’m a noob when skype change its design… need time to adapt

i miss my cute cute msn

the one got cartoon cartoon

the current msn is very boring

the only good thing about msn is this

you can choose which skin pattern you like
& share photo without transferring pics

but still i miss the old one

ok… i give up finding album artwork liao

not because i’m lazy

it’s because streamyx is super damn slow

just now half way updating blog, i gave up

cos it took too long to upload the pics

so i decided to type first

gosh, my life is so boring

thank goodness i’m going to waterfront buffet tomorrow

peeps, we have 10 more weeks (excluding feb) to be together

let’s go kai kai

& woei!! go photoshooting call me laa

if not, imma thick skin & self invite myself

gosh, how boring can my life be?

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  1. lol….lu ingat u masi budak2 lg ka? nak guna msn yg cartoon2..hahaha

  2. haiya, once in a while got cartoon wont die bah
    it’s jz msn:D

  3. childish…haha

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