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i’m good, thank you

by melmonica on May 28th, 2009

hey hey.. it’s been almost 2 weeks since i’m here.. alone. i’m currently staying alone in my rented room. everything has been great. my life, my job… i’m seriously living my dream life. okay.. only no lotsa moolah but who am i? i’m just an undergraduate. gotta get down & dirty to work my way up:)

anyway.. i feel so independent. so carefree. so happy! i’ve haven’t been happy like this for a long time. everyday wakeup to work for my dream job, dream company & when i come back, i cook. it’s like “WOW”. Me cooking?? although studying life is so much more relaxing than working life but i never cook in ums unless it’s a special day by special i meant like once in a year kinda thing

i don’t know why but… when i arrive in kl.. i kinda try to save money on whatever that i could save including dinner. it would be so much easier to tapau something after a hard day of work but nah.. i passed it. not going out during weekdays.

and now baby is coming to kl soon… i kinda have mixed feelings. i’ve been living so happy taking care of myself, not depending on anyone for help & now that baby’s coming.. i’m scared that i’ll depend on him like how i used to be.

well, whatever it is.. i have become a new person. i am not the kind of girl i used to be. i feel very adult. thinking of job, saving money for the future, saving money for marriage.. & i know that saving money for marriage is kind of a guy thing but hey, if i’m capable of working, earning my own money, why can’t i chip in  a lil for the wedding of my life? hehe.. too soon to talk about wedding. stable job still tarak haha.

gosh, i seriously can’t wait to live in my future. before this i thought that if i work my tails off, maybe saatchi would hire me after my internship. but i guess, one of the requirement of working in saatchi is having experience in the industry for few years. so for now, i have to start applying at other agency.. though i don’t know which one cos saatchi has always been my dream agency but we’ll see. hope i’ll get somewhere good. most importantly, hope i still can get a job during this economy crisis!

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  1. kenny permalink

    i agree and can relate 110%! working life is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. i earn my own income and i get to buy whatever i want without needing to ask anyone’s permission! and i learn how to juggle my own finances, buy a car, buy a property, do some simple investments etc. with that comes the feeling of independence and liberation, which is something that i can never get with schooling life. the only thing that comes close was my one year in australia, but i wasn’t earning my own income then.

    the only thing for me to do now, is to live on my own in a property that i finance by myself and i pay my own utility bills! and doing my own housework haha! contrary to what others may think, i am actually looking forward to all that 🙂

    you can still be independent even with your bf around, just don’t let him do everything for you 🙂 and in these difficult times, don’t be too fussy on your job offers… just accept anything that comes along and keep on applying for your dream employers and it’ll all work out just fine in the end.

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