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If Possible, Play Safe

by melmonica on September 17th, 2008

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Yeah, I know… this song was like loooooong time ago. It was constantly played on & I remembered dancing in front of the mirror to this song. Ahh, such crazy moments.

Neway, today is my not-supposed to be lazy day. But what a lazy bum to do when it has been raining the whole day? First of, I had to go to class cos I promised to sign for my friends attendance. For the first time, my studious friends decided to skip class & I have to pretend to be the hardworking one. Whatever.

For today’s post, I’m not gonna write what I did today. That would be so uninteresting. I just wana share what I presented during my IMC subj. We were required to choose a printed ad or TV commercial to present. Me, being the person who thinks she so geng chose Xbox banned commercial.

Xbox Banned Commercial

Well, in the end, my effort didn’t pay off. She basically didn’t like the risky route I took and in the end, I got a mere average marks. Sad that my risk doesn’t brings return. Well, here are some of the conservative TV commercial I should have chosen.

Haagen Dazs Commercial

Mamee Ad

Hayden Panettiere’s Neutrogena Ad

Like seriously, I regretted so much that I didn’t chose those conservative videos. The reason why I chose Xbox commercial cos it’s different from others. Note that the almost chosen commercial are meant to sell the products and that’s what my coursemate are probably be focusing on when they choose their advertisement. That’s why I wana take a different route. See where can I go when I break from the pack. Unfortunately, I didn’t go so far. In fact, I sink in my own decision. Haihz… sad. Till now, I still can’t get over it!!

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