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How bizzare

by melmonica on July 27th, 2014


Edit: Updated for more wtf.

Helloooooooooooo *wave*

I apologize for MIA. Was in a bad state of mind and i decided to take a break to focus on regaining my positivity.


Anyhoo, i’ve been attending interviews here and there and i reckon maybe part of why i didn’t get the job is because i don’t speak with an accent. Initially, sayang has a hint of Kiwi accent but now i help him to Malaysianize already hahaha. And this Wednesday I have a very, very important interview that I really wana excel in it. It’s an interview with the city council and it’s for a marketing position! *pops champagne*Aih, interview only la. Not like I bag the job already hrmph. SO excited when they called me and now i’m freaking out hoping that i do not screw it. So for these few days i gotta practise speaking with an accent but i don’t want to sound fake too. I hate people who speaks with a fake accent and now i’m turning into one wtf.


It’s slowly getting warmer. Yay! Can’t wait to ditch the winter wear and slip into something more carefree and light <3


Other than that, i have nothing more to report. Don’t think you guys wana know about the bizarre dreams that i’ve been having every night.

So my life is pretty much the same. Read a lot. Watch a lot. Eat even more.

I’m signing off now. So please please please wish me luck for my interview. I need tonnes of it.

Till then, BAI!




Okay, just remember this and it’s quite funny so must document it here wtf.

Last Wednesday, I went to the library. An uncle was sitting in my spot so ok fine. I resolved to this uncomfortable seat. But nevermind lah got powerpoint. Get your priorities right!

Was happily chatting with this Chai Soo Ai la then my tummy became a washing machine. Did some twisting and turning (it was the time of the month. and also first day wtf) Then suddenly i feel very hot. Don’t know if the library adjust the temp but the other patron look okay. I started fidgeting and my heart beats so fucking fast (never felt like this before so it was a pretty big deal for me).

So i text sayang to pick me up.

Usually i have a pretty high threshold for pain/ anything uncomfortable but i think enough is enough wtf.

I called sayang but he didn’t pick up.

Called him again but to no avail.

Somehow i quickly pack up my stuffs and dash out of the library to the hallway for some fresh air.

Still fidgeting and feeling uncomfortable. Change my seating position also doesn’t help.

Finally he’s here. Went into the car. Was sad that i had to cut my date with the internet short but also feeling glad that i’m not feeling stuffy anymore.

As he was driving, i felt dizzy. Then, I started gagging.

And i vomited my Burger King out (had that earlier). I was impressed that my aim is so accurate. I covered my mouth so i only vomit into both of my palms. But then i don’t think it is appropriate to hold that position until i reach home so i let it go and it piak between my legs wtf. My shoes are vomit-free.

Sayang stopped the car and continued letting me vomit on his car mat. Didn’t even offer me a plastic bag until i asked for it wtf.

And i must say, my puke smells quite good. Even the bf agree wtf.

After that i request for a kiss but he didn’t want to give me wtf. So much for for better or for worse.


In retrospect, it’s quite funny lah coz i don’t usually vomit unless it’s a really bad case of food poisoning.

Okay, library closing in 5 minutes. I sign out for real this time.

Have a great week ahead everyone! Bai!


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