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by melmonica on November 27th, 2008

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0130: Woke up to continue doing JLPT 3 homework

0330: Done doing JLPT 4 homework

It’s currently 0630 & I’m awake to translate all Japanese sentence to English. It’s an obligation from 先生. For later I have class at 0900 for 3 hours. Please tell me, what kind of holiday is this?

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  1. baby

    don sad baby, sayang 1…u will think this is worth it when u get both ur JLPT exam pass! muax, good luck to u and love you forever.

  2. thnx laokong…
    jlpt 3 no confident to pass
    jlpt 4 crossing fingers

    can’t wait to bring you go kai kai at s’wan
    luv u muax:)

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