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Happy Graduation, nem darling~

by melmonica on November 1st, 2008

Currently Listening to: An deiner Seite (ich bin da) by Tokio Hotel on

At first thought of fast forward when I saw the weird title. But since Tokio Hotel won the if i’m not mistaken Best New Artist in VMA 2008 so I was like, why not give them a try? And seriously, it’s nice. Sesuai with the Sunday morning mood. Dedicate this song to you, Nem darling~ Happy Graduation babe. So sorry I can’t be with you on the once-in-the-lifetime moment. I really wished I could be there. I’ve even checked the flight tickets. But… you know right? I got paper on Tueday. Sucks.

Now pulak listening to Ryan Cabrera’s I Should Have Kissed You. Can get it in his 3rd album – The Moon Under Water. Another song dedicated to my nem nem.

Haha. This picture was taken when Nem, Bavin, Sin Huay & I went to Pangkor. It was so much fun.I would go there again & again and won’t be tired of it! It’s who you’re with that matters*wink*

Neway, yesterday plan on waking up 0730 today to go library & study. & so do you think I would wake up that early on a a Sunday morning? Of course no. So much for the semangat to study. I’m so totally different from last sem. Cannot lah… tak suke oso must study!!! Think positively, study for 2 weeks and then kau tim edi bah. Compensate with the fun that I had this sem (& more fun when hols starts~)

To: nem, bra, yue, bav, ayieq & pt… we really need to have a party to celebrate our 10 years of friendship. Remember how we all met in Standard 6? It’s 10 years already, y’all. Wei, let’s have fun mah when I’m back. You guys always have fun without me geh since i’m stuck in labuan. So lemme have fun with you guys when I’m back. Pretty pls pls pls… desperate nih. Kekeke. Plan up something lah. The girls can cook for the guys (like how pt & i did last time.. so much fun) You guys plan ahh. Kekeke. I’m so excited for the hols!!

& Leon, we can have our 5 years of friendship celebration next year k? You’re not left out;)

Ok… gotta stop dreaming & planing for hols. 2 more weeks of suffering studying nia. I’m stronger than that right?

I caught baby cheating on me. Here’s a picture taken with a japanese girl. U pegi mana cari ini japs amoi. Go clubbing eh? Zzz…

PS: Listening to Kate Voegele’s Wish You Were Here. Totally love her. Love the song as well. You guys must have a listen. Dedicate this song to nem nem again. It’s her day:))

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