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Float On Beach Party

by melmonica on March 24th, 2009

Yay finally I can blog… but still don’t know what to blog zzz. Came back from KK last week & it was okay la the trip… kinda dissappointing actually cos I only get to shop for 1 day zzz. The best thing that happened in KK? I drove to KF. Yay, finally can recognise the road edi. Plus, I met up with Allan. It was so funny how we got in touch again. In short, it was nice to see him after so long of not contacting each other. Hehe.


Oklah… Marilah menolong promotekan Elias de event.

In the past, Elias has organized some amazing projects like “The Immortal of Rock & Roll”

Ok, I know we look glamorous rather than “Rock & Roll” but that’s not the point. The point is, the event was successful. Especially the red carpet. None stop camera flash around you & you really do feel like a Rockstar.

So, this time, me representing the PR team, would like to invite y’all esp UMSKAL students to attend this beach party. It would be totally different from the previous party Elias organize. This is more casual, laidback, a free & easy thing.

Neway, Manikar Beach Resort is so beautifully cunted. I love the place, love the swimming pool. Haven’t tried beach volleyball but I’m gonna to:))

Heard that the food will be amazing as well. Typical beach party punye food laa… BBQ.. & then got seafood (those crab, sotong kinda thing) then also got chicken, mutton etc etc… so much of food don’t know whether we have time to eat since we have all these fun, crazy games going on!!

The best part is: the photoshooting backdrop. I do not know how it would look like but judge on the previous event that Elias has organized, he won’t disappoint you.

This is our graduation party. This is the last time every one will get together, have a blast like there’s no tomorrow before finals & practical.

So, quickly RSVP & remember to RSVP under Tong Sheng’s guest:D

See you there~

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