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Current activity: Binge

by melmonica on October 16th, 2008

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0900 : 1 packet of Nips (Colour candy)

1130 : Nasi lemak with a piece of fried chicken, biscuits

1500 : A cup of mashed potato, soto, daging, fish ball, bits of roti telur

1800 : Feel like wana makan a packet of Nips again

But cannot leh… yc sure cook dinner liao de. Just waiting for her to nudge me down. Die ler… I’m actually used to this situation. When it comes to doing assignment & studying for exam, there’s one thing that I cannot live without… Food. I just have to chew something. If not, I cannot concentrate. Seriously!

Somemore this sem I haven’t even eaten any instant noodel though I want to. But I can’t stand it!! My dearest, lovely boyfriend forbid me from eating it. I know it’s unhealthy but… at least I’m eating something & I totally hate the feeling of starving. Makes you think that you are poor. Sigh…

So, this few days, bought some snacks behind baby’s back. Well, he’ll gonna read this anyway. But hey, I gotta do what Malaysians love the most. MAKAN!!

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