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A Lil Piece of Mind

by melmonica on September 27th, 2008

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Yay, finally I have time to chill & blog. Am chatting with Sei Hoo via MSN right now. Lots of people have been asking me how am I lately. Don’t know why but maybe it’s because of my PM. It’s

mel: it’s amazing how my leader is the best free rider

those didn’t take part, don’t cakap banyak. if you don’t like your assignment,  you may drop this subject

People close to me would know that I’ve been busy with Multimedia’s assignment lately. 3 weeks ago, we did video shooting for 3 days straight to find out that all the footage we got are not in presentable quality. Devastated to know that all our hardwork are nothing but at the same time determined to do better than ever. So, the following week, we did our video shooting again using a real video camera (the week before we used a handy cam)

I haven’t seen the outcome yet but I trust my 2 cameramen. They have been absolutely wonderful, hardworking, dedicated & pure fun.  I know the footage will be good. The part that I’m not particularly sure is the part where I shot at girls dorm. The part that I’m concerned with was it clear, was the lighting okay? Hope everything is in good condition.

And yesterday, we just wrapped up voice recording session. It was an up & down situation as some wasn’t really satisfied that they worked harder than the others but it was called a GROUP assignment. I wasn’t the leader but I had to step up as a leader cos my leader was busy watching porn movie in the recording room while all of us try to concentrate and produce quality narration.

Right now, I’m just like so over the drama. Although I am not very happy how some people can just be so ungrateful for the other group members have done for all of us. They say it’s a waste of time bla bla bla. For me it’s funny how sometimes university undergraduate still  have that kind of mentality. This particular assignment is different from the others we had so far because we have to produce a video. And they call all the things that we’ve done are JUST A WASTE OF TIME?!!!! I laughed when I heard it. It’s like whatever. If he wants to think that it’s a waste of time, let it be. I can’t control what everybody thinks, can I? Let it be what it has to be. As long as I know that I enjoyed doing this assignment & I learnt A LOT!!! So many things that you cannot learn from textbook itself. I had an awesome time doing it & will be looking forward to the done video & presentation.

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