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by melmonica on December 5th, 2008

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Yayyy….. it’s that time again! Wtf duno why I’m so happy… tomorrow JLPT 3 & 4 exam la donk! Not yet finish studying but can’t wait to take exam? Wana flunk again?! I hope I would do better for JLPT 4 this time… Last year I failed by 1 mark. Damn… need to pay RM50 for retake zzz.

Neway, my passport sampai-ed yesterday dee!!!!! Phew… & I thought I wouldn’t be able to go to Singapore. Can you believe it? I left my passport at Labuan and thank god I still have friends who are still in campus so they post it here.

So, today will mark the 1st day of my ever-so-busy-travelling-all-over-places!

6.12 – 8.12

Will be at Ipoh for JLPT test & some shopping with Hooi Ming after that. HM, finally get to shop with you! I miss all the crazy things we bought & did in Penang:)

First go sing k at Redbox

Shop till we lost track of time, got ready for wedding dinner in half an hour nia. Arrived only to know that the bride’s mum asked us to be the flower girl wtf

Returned to hotel, camwhore session resumed

HM sells perfume, me sell heels

Still got many crazy pics we took that night but cannot upload here bcos gila kah?

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  1. Leon permalink

    U went to Redbox!!

  2. that was a long time ago lah

  3. wish to read some updates 🙂

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