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Sydney: Last Day

by melmonica on July 13th, 2012

Hey there! Welcome to wtf. I’m sorry that I jumbled up all my post. Sydney –> NZ –> Kuching –> Sydney. I know, i’m not the most organized person. I edit pictures of what I feel like editing then only blog >.<

I iz went to Bondi Beach!! If you read my earlier post, I die die must go to 2 places in Sydney – Darling Harbour and Bondi Beach. (Not Opera House, that’s too mainstream)

So in le morning, I woke up, feeling bersemangat until I had to decide what to wear.

Sensible Mel: Cover up. It’s going to be windy and cold today. Sumore by the beach leh!!

Normal Mel: Okay, that means jeans or leggings?

Sensible Mel: You siao ah! Leggings?? Cold la nanti.

Normal Mel: Wtf?! So mafan de. I just wana go to the freakin’ beach why must wear long pants!!!


In the end, I opted for jeans. Damn sien man I tell you this. Stupid winter. Grrr.


Upon reaching Bondi, I was in awe with everything. Like my wish had just came true. I said a little thanks and felt so blessed to be living my dream.

Your typical beach house. I’ll totally marry the guy who buys me a beach house wtf just joking.

A pool by the beach. Wonder how to swim lor. Will it be freezing cold or will it be heated?

The waves was crazy that morning.

Bondi Beach. Breathtaking. Crazy huge. No need to chup spots to suntan.

Isn’t it beautiful? I am amazed. Like wow. Like how many more beaches out there that I haven’t explored in this world?

It was school holiday. So got Winter Festival wtf.

Kids waiting to go ice skating by the beach lol.

Le sigh. Do you know how sad it is to be at my fav place in the world (yet) and I can’t even go for a swim. I can’t even take my clothes off. I can’t even dip myself in the water. And I certainly didn’t touch the water cos I’m terrified of the cold.

See how huge is the wave!! Urgh. I feel geram for myself as I’m writing this lol.

The only surfer that I saw.

Everybody in winter wear. At the beach. How can!! As a Malaysian who experience summer all year long, I just can’t accept this lor.

I cannot stand the wind so I quickly head off and saw this skater kanak-kanak.

Then I went to the Museum of Contemporary Arts and WOW-ed myself again. Look at this! Empty room with things on the ceiling.

Okay because I was in daze when I entered, I forgot the name of a lot of artists. So, just enjoy the pictures ya! 🙂

Art #3

Art #4

Art #5

I chuckled after reading this. So creative. Love it.

eXoecoaXis by Nick Mangan

Description taken from the museum: eXoecoaXis is an installation built from cast bone and handmade crystal that pierce the familiar texture and pattern of a Persian-style rug. The installation features a suspended centre piece of Polynesian-esque bowls carved as if they have been eaten by termites.

Nick Mangan reconfigures found objects and combines them with his own carved or cast scultures to create varied installations. He is interested in the processes of deterioration and renewal, from a cultural as well as a material point of view.



Art #8

This is so pretty. I can’t even. Would love it to have this in my future house leh.

A Journey, Judith Wright

This is 1 out of 453452 statues that were on displayed. Not even out of the box. It’s so out-of-the-world.


Fountain, Hany Armanious

The statue was situated on the top level with the background of the beautiful Harbor Bridge and Opera House.

I know i’ve posted the Opera House countless times but i just couldn’t resist another one especially it’s from the 4th floor wtf.

Just because I went to see all the artistic stuffs, I itchy wana take artistic pictures wtf. But i cheated with this picture cos… the color was edited and make it B&W. True artist doesn’t do that and that’s why I’m not an artist 🙁

So I went around and hope to take more artistic pictures wtf. Pass or not ahhh!

Cos it was my last day so I must EAT ALL THE GOOD FOOD! Baroque’s macaroon is to-die-for. Got 10 pieces for AU$27. Can’t believe I spent that much for macaroon.

Somehow I wonder, I’m very much interested with architecture and art gallery. I reckon my ideal date would be going to an art gallery. But the thing is… why can’t i draw? Why am i not creative? If someone shove me an iPad and ask me to draw something my immediate reflex would be draw 2 mountain, paddy field and coconut tree wtf.

Okay it’s almost 2 jor. Goodnight peeps!

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