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Pantu – Balik Kampung

by melmonica on July 11th, 2012

Hola, taking a backseat from NZ and Sydney. Imma bring you back to my kampung *woots*

A marks the town Pantu. It’s a small little town, a meeting point for all the families before traveling by boat to our respective long house.

The place is only “happening” before Gawai. The amazing thing here is everybody speaks Iban! Like even the Chinese uncle also can speak Iban shame on me

Then we load all our stuffs into the boat. That morning itself, dad bought like 3 kepala babi. Stupid miao asked is it for some cultural ceremony why buy so many. I asked my parents and they laughed at me. Apparently, we’re going to eat ALL the kepala babi *the horror*

It’s a tradition for our family to go back once every 4 years. Cos it can get pretty expensive going back so 4 years – ample time for all of us to save money.

And my dad was away from the kampung since young cos the primary school he used to attend is in Pantu. Thus, he stayed with my late grandparents. Very seldom only go back to the long house to be with his family.

Well, it can get pretty boring in my longhouse. That’s cuz we do not have TV. No phone network and definitely NO INTERNET. So can you imagine how peaceful it would be? Lots of the youngster cannot bear with the boredom la. No FB can die. So to spice up the stay, they had this tug-a-war thing where the oldies vs the youngster. And surprisingly, the oldies won.

This auntie so bersemangat support her son in the youngster group.

Everybody gathered to watch the tug-a-war.

In the midst of the hoo-ha of the tug-a-war, i caught this cute lil uncle with pink umbrella. Comels!

Most of the people who are still staying in the longhouse are farmers/ rubber tapper. This is Uncle Jemat. He lives next door and he’s the one that fetches us by boat to the longhouse. Thanks Uncle Jemat for being so kind and helpful 🙂

Then we went for a walk to the one & only kedai runcit!

The kanak-kanak that kaypoh wana follow us wtf.

And when we reached the kedai runcit, it has gorgeous, gorgeous view.

My dad chilling at the kedai runcit. Seriously, if i hadn’t been too lazy the mosquitoes would just leave me alone I would make my way there and read my books every day LOL.

Kedai runcit Ah Hui! Sells everything you could ever dream of wtf.

Then we make our way to… THE WATERFALL!!!!

Since young, the waterfall is the highlight of our balik kampung trip. During day time the weather can get pretty hot. And during night time, it would be freezing cold. So the best time to go to the waterfall is when the day is scorching hot.

When we arrived, I was like… “That’s all?” Like how come the waterfall shrink jor geh? Nevertheless, i had a good time frolicking in the waterfall. Cannot even swim. My kaki is too panjang and it’s like crossing from 1 side to another.

Waterfall was fun while it lasted. When I went back, my bro counted and there were 14 mosquitoes bites on my back alone. Not yet count my leg, arm, neck etc lor. There goes my sexy back 🙁

Don’t know why leh. This also happened when I was hanging out with Cutebun and Miao. Somehow, Kuching mosquitoes like my blood wtf.

At night, i mengada wana wear sarong to sleep. And to sleep meaning on the wooden floor wtf. Yeah, there’s no proper bedroom, living room in the longhouse. It functions as both so at night we’ll spread out all the paper thin mattress and sleep on it.

I don’t usually like being around kids. I think they’re freakin’ annoying. But everybody, this is Jason – the cutest kid on the planet and he’s my fav nephew loves! He has pretty eyes (not visible here), very cute but super naughty as well. Because of him, I want my first child to be a boy wtf.

Lately, I can’t help but smile at random little kids like “oh how adorable.” die… motherly instinct slowly growing in me wtf.

I managed to take a video of him singing “Happy Birthday”. He’s as cute as a button and here you can see his pretty eyelash. Me jelly!

And here’s another pic of my fav nephew. Comels kannnn!


Also we did go to open house and eat eat eat.

More food. And it was so good. #theloveofmylife

Other than that, my kampung still has amazing, pretty scenery that’s soothing to the eyes.

But when the river is dry, it becomes like this.

Le bathroom/wet kitchen/ washing machine

Yes, we shower openly wtf. No dedicated bathroom to shower. And I always need to drag myself to shower cos I iz shy liddat wtf. Sumore that time is the time of the month wtf 10,000x more mafan lor!! So my strategy is to have my brother guard the door so that nobody will go to the back. After a while, my relative kinda get the message so they knowingly know that if i shower that means the back part is NO ENTRY.

The best thing about open air shower is you shower under the stars. Such a pretty sight, seriously. Cos at the back of the longhouse is a hill, thus I face the hill and stars against the pitch black sky every night when i shower. Little things that makes me happy 🙂

Le toilet. Which is senget 1 side. And I was so the afraid of using it till my bro chop & approved that it’s safe wtf.

We were there for 5D4N nia. Though my dad were dying to go back to civilization, baby bro & I were quite happy to be in tranquility. So nice to be away from the chaos and my never-ending hectic lifestyle. That time I was already starting my farewells so almost every night also go out 1.

There was 1 night, I stayed up at the verandah just listening to the insects singing while I read my book away. Managed to finish 1.5 books during the stay <3

The custom is your family must walk you to the mini jetty and wave goodbye. Well, these are actually not my relative wtf. They are waiting for their turn to go back as well. But my relative did see us off just that they were behind these people wtf.

Mommy & Daddy love <3

Oh btw, does my mom looks like me? Okay….. the proper way should be do i look like my mom wtf.

Baby bro & I. Bryan & Matthias were stuck in Semenanjung 🙁

My cousin, the captain for this sampan wtf. The boat ride back to land is 90 minutes. Sit until my butt & back ache. Sumore I got long legs so need to change position from time to time if not sure kejang 1.

Somehow on our way back, a lot of logs floats in the river.

Then saw this huuuuuuge ship. Our sampan looks like tiny ants cruising past it.

Upon reaching Kuching, miao was kinda enough to kidnap me for some last minute good food before I fly off to KL the next day *sob*


Till then, I love you! <3

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  1. the place feel so ‘warm’, with family love! 🙂

  2. Awww!! I love you too! That kampung is so pretty! Such a fun adventure!!

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