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What I ate in Auckland

by melmonica on July 8th, 2015



I am such a glutton that I’m dedicating this blogpost on food alone! Haha. The bf and I are such gastronomical adventurers. Every place that we went, we will for sure check out the best coffee in town.


This post is choke-full of delicious pictures.


**Skipped Day 1 because we were so hungry from our flight + rushing for the BSB concert so tummy takes precedence.


Day 2/ 3rd Meal

Breakfast with the boy’s favourite – Dim Sum at China Yum Char Restaurant.


First thing to put into my mouth in the morning – delicious! I’m not a huge fan of congee but this was so simple yet flavourful. I could have finished it off on my own but was saving tummy space for more 😉


Then we had chee cheong fun. I like the ones with prawn but this one is with coriander (i think) and it was so yummy.


Prawn dumpling! As we go along, you’d know that i heart everything prawn. Especially in this tiny, delicate form.


And the many others that we ordered. Couldn’t be bothered to take nice picture anymore coz my tummy was screaming for these babies!

Price was really reasonable. We had 6 items and tea for two and the bill came to $36.60. Considering this was made fresh, making it really worth it. The ones that we had in Dunedin was obviously frozen and the bill was a tad bit more expensive. Don’t ask me how i know. Ask the bf’s super tongue lol.


Day 2/ 4th Meal

As we walked around Queen Street looking for things to eat, we decided to eat at a food court. There are the usual varieties i.e. Indian, Japanese/ Korean, Chinese, Thai, Middle East and when we came across Bintang Wok and went through the menu then we realized “Eh Malaysian food lah!”

Although we had promised Kelly to have  Malaysian food tonight but we couldn’t wait till then! Saving the best for later so I ordered the 2nd food in my craving list. The nasi goreng kampung. Very spicy pls!


Mamma mia! Just look at this! The first bite immediately transported me back to home. It really taste like home. $10 is exxy if you convert to RM but when you’re 9,000km away from home, pay only lah!

The spiciness level was just right. The type that of spiciness that will keep you addicted. OMG i wished i could tapau this back to Invercargill lol.


The bf had char kuey teow (typical Penangite) Umm, I do not have much to comment about it because I was too engrossed with my nasi goreng to even bother trying his char kuey teow. But the bf seems to like it. We both jilat habis the plate haha.


Day 2/ 5th Meal

Dinner time with Kelly! We’ve got to know each other last year through Dayre, a mobile blogging app where I had questions about the process of renewing Malaysian passport in NZ. She was super kind to help a stranger out and we kept in touch ever since 🙂

When baby Ozias and i confirmed our trip to Auckland, I know I really have to meet her to thank her personally for all her help. Without her, we would be daunted by the complicated procedure. But Kelly the lifesaver carefully prepared a list of forms and gave us some helpful tips which make our life so much easier.

Thank you so much woman for all your help! And of course, we have to treat them for dinner right? 😀 She made reservation at Ngopi. A Malaysian cafe operated by a team of volunteers.

Of course, I had to have my nasi lemak.

Expectation: Village Park Nasi Lemak 

Reality: Nasi with Curry Chicken, $12.50


I guess… in a western country, that’s how they do it. I do not blame them actually coz not many mat salleh will know how to appreciate an authentic sambal nasi lemak like we do. But still, the curry was very yummy.



The bf’s Char Hor Fun,$11. In retrospect, he said he shouldn’t have ordered this as he can actually cooked this at home.


Kelly’s Curry Laksa, $11. It looks yummy, no?! Gosh, I would do anything for this. Been craving for Sitiawan’s curry noodle for the longest time. Seriously, if i were to be living in Auckland, every week i’d go to the same cafe and ordered different dishes just to try them all out. I am such a glutton.


Day 2/ 6th Meal

Dessert was at Meet Fresh.


Cantik anot our dessert. The night was a little nippy but it didn’t stop us from having Taiwanese dessert. In Invercargill, there is no such thing as bubble milk tea. The only desserts that we have here is frozen yogurt. Sad right?! Blame it on the lack of Asian population here 🙁

Baby Ozias was chatting animatedly with Kelly in Hokkien. So nice to meet kaki lang in a foreign country. And it’s such a small world after all. Apparently, Kelly’s father-in-law is Ozias’ discipline teacher. Haha.


Day 2/ 7th Meal

After bidding goodbye to the couple (Kelly and her hubs, Aaron), we continued walking around exploring the city’s nightlife. After all the many meals we had for the day, the bf was still hungry. So I introduced him to my fav burger franchise, BurgerFuel.



Just look at that tam chiak face! I had a bite or two from him. Regretting not ordering one for myself as I’m craving for it now >.<


Day 2/ 8th Meal 

We figured the night is still young so we lepak at Starbucks for a lil bit. Invercargill ran out of Rasberry Truffle Mocha so gotta have it when you’re in Auckland!



This has got to be one of the most complicated drinks they’d need to make. I’m sorry…. i’m very fussy with my Sbux like that >.<


Day 3/ 9th Meal


Rise and shine, it’s a brand new day. We’ve been in Auckland for 3 days and we still haven’t had a cuppa coffee. After googling for a good one, we decided on Imperial Lane.



I had my usual trim mocha and the bf had flat white. My verdict, just average. I’ve drank better ones.


But this… the potato waffle is the star of the day. This is something that I can eat every single day. It was so delicious, the next day i was craving for it already.


Day 3/ 10th Meal

Out of Kelly’s recommendation, we tried Korean at Dong Demoon.


The spicy chicken wing is supposedly a very famous dish here. They have 2 levels of spiciness – mild or hot. According to Kelly, mild was already very spicy for her. The type of spiciness will numb your palette. And of course i played safe. Since i was going to travel the next day, I don’t want to spend a good amount of time in the toilet.

My verdict: Mild gives me a slight kick of spiciness. It wasn’t overly spicy until you cry but it was alright. Being a spicy food lover, I’d go for the hot one next time. Downside is the price for this dish is too steep. $30 for about 10 pieces of spicy chicken wing with a side salad and a bowl of nori rice is certainly not worth it.


By day 3, we’ve already explored every nook and corner of the CBD and we were running out of places to go haha. Even walk through the dodgy lane and uninteresting malls to kill time.


Day 3/ 11th Meal

After hours of exercising walking around aimlessly, we settled for a second cuppa coffee for the day at Remedy Coffee.

I tried to be adventurous and ordered myself an affogato.


OMG this was so good. I certified this to be way better than Imperial Lane’s one. I’m not good in describing coffee, pardon my lack of adjectives. The espresso shot has a rich, smooth flavour and when mixed with vanilla gelato it just slides through your throat. It was so good.


The cafe was also very queit. Lots of books on the wall and shelf and people reading. The bf and I had to whisper as to not make too much noise.


Day 3/ 13th Meal

We had sushi as our 12th meal. Not documented here because I reckon it’s sushi. Very common everywhere lol. For dessert, we went to Giapo for ice cream. They labeled themselves as haute ice cream. Just like how haute couture did with fashion.


They have all these unique ice cream flavours but I’ve got to have my salted caramel. That’s my #1 choice. We had to other flavours too which i can’t remember (sorry) and it was so good. I am generally an ice cream person and i would totally fall in love with the store if it’s possible (creepy!)

The store concept emphasizes on creativity thus their ice cream ‘designs’ for each customer is different. We had ice cream topped with golden flakes. I saw some people had colorful topping which i was very jealous of. Haha.


This is me with the ice cream for posterity sake lol.


Day 4/ 14th Meal

Breakfast time! Our last day to try coffee in Auckland. So we chose The Shelf which was just 5 minutes walk from our BBH.


The cafe is gorgeously decorated with bright artworks hanging on the walk, on the shelfs. 


The cafe is owned by a group of Korean. We were there at about 10am on a Friday and it was full! People from all walks of life can be seen in the cafe – from people in suits, to tourist (like us) and university students. We lugged our luggage (luckily it’s not huge) but still it was obstructing the walkway.


Creepy paparazo shot of the men in suits. I can’t get enough of the pretty dainty decor.


I kinda expect the cafe food to come with a twist but not the drinks. Coz how creative can a flat white and mocha be? But my mocha was so pretty and unique. It has chocolate bar slowly melting away into my drink and chocolate syrup on the side for people who likes it more chocolatey. Well, it is pretty to look at but the drink isn’t very nice. I like my mocha balanced – 50% coffee, 50% chocolate. This was chocolate > coffee. The bf commented that his drink was good.

Baby Ozias’ French Toast.


My heart shaped waffle.

Umm, didn’t like this at all. The waffle was dry and portion was too small for a big eater like me haha. If i’m not mistaken this was about $10 – $15 so not worth it at all. I can make this at a fraction of the price. Of course not as pretty lah haha. So basically, i’m just paying for aesthetic and not quality. Hrmph.

But the bf’s French Toast was so delicious. I wished we had switched plates but not nice to give something i don’t like to my bf haha. So just suck it in and wasted calories on yucky food 🙁


Day 4/ 15th Meal


Before we leave for the airport, we had our last Asian meal. Since it was a chilly day and i was craving for something soupy, so we went to Daikoku, the Japanese restaurant by Countdown.


I had spicy ramen, while the bf had the normal ones. The weird thing about me is I like ramen but won’t take ramen. Hahaha. Meaning I’d only take the soup and the ingredients that comes with it but not the noodle. If you asked me, I’m an udon girl. I don’t like ordering ramen at Japanese coz to me it just taste like instant noodle (big difference, i know but that’s my palette wtf) So i had few bites of the ramen and passed the rest to baby Ozias. Poor boy, 2 hours ago we just had the breakfast. By the end of the meal, we were stuffed. Had to sit for 10 minutes digesting before making our way to the airport. But we’re not complaining! Sapu all the delicious food before we fly 🙂


Chiken karage. Love the sticks on the left. Not sure what is it but so addictive haha. Arghhh thinking about Japs food and i’m missing Marufuku! When i was in M’sia for 9 months, i have no idea why it didn’t occur to me to bring the boy there for Japs. I haven’t had it for 3 years already *sob*


So that’s it folks! Some of the food we had in Auckland. We had street food and bubble milk tea too but sometimes cannot let your phone eat first right!


Previously during our working holiday, the boy and I stayed in Auckland before and from that experience alone, we didn’t like Auckland. We hated it actually hahaha. But for some reason in this trip, we grew to like the city. It even felt like home to us. Maybe coz we walked Queen Street like a million time. Can locate Glasson and Hallenstein easily (haha my landmark).

We were also in love with the weather. It was autumn but since we live in Invercargill (most southern city in NZ) we felt the weather here is as warm as summer. I mean Invercargill’s summer time coz it can be pretty chilly. So we were like wahhh macam summer time. Wear all the shorts in the world!!!

Our friend, Kelly is very persistent in asking us to move up north. And her method hits home. She constantly tempts me with all her Malaysian home-cooked meals *drools*. If i ever move there one day, imma camp at her backyard or clean her house in exchange for good food haha.








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