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Uneventful time & place

by melmonica on May 30th, 2014


It’s gonna be winter soon! People starting to wear their stylish thick jacket and boots out. Unfortunately because i don’t wear those items in Malaysia thus my #ootd staple will be this. Well, at least until November.

The only stylish thing about the outfit is my hat. It was an early birthday gift from the bf because i told him not to buy presents for me but instead looking forward to his cooking 🙂

As i’m writing it’s almost 2pm here. Bad day to come to the library cuz it’s raining outside. Nowadays i’ll stay in the library until 4pm because the sun sets around 5pm and it takes me 45 minutes for me to walk home. Don’t wana walk in the dark + cold >.<

Also during winter time, it is a little difficult to do some cycling because of the cold wind. OMG the other day i cycled home from the library i almost wanted to give up due to the wind. I know i am rather unfit now. I don’t know who wanted to cry more – myself or my legs wtf.

Anyway, since i AM unfit (collected flabs of unsightly belly fats) and it’s too cold to work out outside the house, i am resolving to cutting down on my carbs and junk food.

No more french fries/ snacks/ biscuits on my grocery list.

More vege/ fruits. Usually fruits coz i don’t know how to cook vege wtf.

Attempt to exercize when i feel like it (too realistic and not enough motivation/ ambition?)

But sometimes the bf unintentionally spoil my diet plan by buying bread. Well, i know he is being sweet by not letting me go hungry. I’ve cut down on my meal tremendously only eating one proper meal a day which is dinner. Coz that’s the only time we have meals together. On normal days i’ll have cereals for lunch and snack on fruits and yogurts then 10pm for dinner. Not the best diet plan but i have to lessen my food intake coz i’m too lazy to exercize

Also i realized that i snack less when i’m on the internet. Just something to keep me distracted since i got no TV and sometimes too tired to read wtf.


// It is so fascinating to see stylish old woman during winter. I am ashamed that they are more stylish than me. Well, the sucky part is for winter i only have 1 wool turtleneck long sleeve top which i’ve turned it into my pajamas staple and 2x long sleeves top for outing. And just my sad looking sports shoe to (not) keep me warm.

Honestly, my outfit is so tak boleh pakai during winter time. The only thing i have is my trusty Kathmandu winter jacket (thanks baby!)

I am soooooooooooo nooooottttttttttttttttt loooooooookingggggggggggg forwarddddddddddd toooooooo winterrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Omg just saw another stylish person wearing boots in front of me. Why you so stylish!!! Why am i not stylish!!!

Feeling a little lightheaded. Don’t know because i’ve been facing the comp/ phone for a long time. I hate having to rush my online time. Like i have to rush through my reading (and blogging) thus i apologize for the uninspiring nonsense.

Ok la to more interesting story wtf.

Few weeks ago Ozias’ sis came to visit! I think i was more excited than him because yay to companionship!

Playing tour guide in a city that i hardly explore is quite stressful. So i brought them to the #1 place that every one goes to here. Bluff wtf.

It is compulsory to take pics with this tiang. I took one at the most northern point and southern point in NZ. #tourist

Catherine was so happy to see the seaside because she lives in the mountain haha. No la, she works in Mount Cook so she’s literally surrounded by mountains.

Christine wanted to do some shopping so we drove back to the city center only to find that everything is close. Every shops and cafes are closed at 5pm on a feaking Saturday.

Feel so bad that they are not having a good time. So we walked around to window shop at closed shop 🙁

The only thing that is still open is Starbucks and a nice cafe called Zookeepers. We opt for the latter. The girls were more touristy than me and started taking pics of the interior and pose here and there. Whereas i’m only interested in food #typical

My long macchiato with caramel. The coffee is so fragrant (and tiny) and i almost sipped it all at once.

This is sort of chocolate lava cake with chewy caramel and chocolate bars in it. So sinful but don’t care la. #dietmehla

The next day we had a hearty breakfast and went to the Queen’s Park for a walk.

The bro and the lil sis.

My fav pics of ’em.

Us 4!


Oh gawd. Looking at the pics makes me realize how alone i am in this city. Other than the bf, i have basically no friends here wtf. Kinda miss staying with some random backpackers albeit no privacy and dirty living situation.

There was once i was walking home from the library and this guy started chatting me up. He’s a student here and was studying journalism. I had a great talk with him and was contemplated to ask for his number (just to expand my social circle) but i was too chicken. To my defense, i didn’t want him to think that i was hitting on him. And up until now now i’m still friendless 🙁 Should have, could have, would have.

Now almost 4pm and i am kinda hungry. Kinda wish i don’t have to walk in the rain. But oh well 🙁


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