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The Aftermath

by melmonica on June 30th, 2014


Haha what an exaggeration.

Right now i’m feeling some ache on my arms for working to hard wtf.

Last night was pretty depressing. Once i reached home, i had no one to talk to. But thanks to technology i have my friends by my side <3

Special thanks to the group of 5 – Nem, Bra, Bavin & Yuha for keeping me sane and giving me the much-needed motivation to stay positive. So much of happy/ once-in-a-lifetime event happening at home and i’m not there to experience it 🙁 So there is a compulsory trip home next year coz seriously how can i miss my best friend’s wedding right?!!! It is unacceptable! Bra has been my friend since 12, we used to cycle to the photo shop to photostat some assignments for our class then have ice cream at Fajar. I still remember Nasriq had mint ice cream that time lol.

Us (minus Bavin) during my 19th birthday celebration in Pangkor. OMGGGGG look at that hairstyles and dressing! LOL. And to think that half of the people here are married shows how far we’ve come through!

Deepavali 2009 with better hair and fashion 🙂

I super love this people. Really thankful to have them growing up with me. Part of who i am now is because of this awesome childhood friends. Wouldn’t wana trade the world for it.

They are one of the motivating factor for me to work hard, save up and go home next year!!

Also listing down some so that i’ll be excited enough to start writing my resume!!


1) Awesome food

Obviously. Delicious food that worth the calories. Craving for Village Park Nasi Lemak. My one first true love LOL.


2) Spending time with family & friends

– Wana fly to Kuching to be with my family and Kalung (pet dog).

So cuteeee righttttt? But lansi de wtf. Whenever i call him, he won’t choi me/ buat bodoh. But when i left Kuching, mom said he will go into my room and look for me. Stupid dog when i was there you dowan to sayang me but when i left only come find me aih. OK la not stupid la. Sayangs <3


– Bra’s wedding as mentioned. Die die also must go backkkk. If I had to get a 2nd job to fund my trip, I’ll do it!

Suddenly feel lazy to continue my list jor. I am so easily distracted. Or is it easily give up? I choose to believe the former haha.


OK lemme tell you about my friends who spent time making me feel better after yesterday’s event.


I was writing about my experience when i whatsapp Amir (my Starbucks supervisor) about the name of the coffee machine that we used. But he replied after i was done with the blogpost so i didn’t include it :/Then i told him about my experience with the trial. Telling him how demotivated i was. Like i was fucking useless and then he said he missed me. I was instantly touched then i said, “I wana go back Starbucks Manjung can?” LOL. Then he motivated me by telling me how hardworking i was and that got me reflecting on why i love being a barista in the first place. That was the motivation needed actually. Then i decided to accept the 1-week unpaid trial to practice using the coffee machine. I guess, if i apply at the other cafe, they will all be using similar type of machine so why not take this opportunity to familiarize myself and not screw up on my next interview/ trial.

And then i started looking for other alternative if Starbucks take their time to process their application. Wanted to try for a position in library. Yesterday they told me just drop my CV and they’ll contact me but until now i’m still procrastinating. Why am i so lazy? Is it because i’ve been out of job since Dec? T3T


Anyway, kinda miss working in a brainless, menial job like in a factory. The (only) best thing about working in NZ is no matter what shitty job you’re working in, you get paid the minimum wages $13.80 (before tax). So your wages for an 8-hour job is about $90 (after tax). NZ has really strict labour law. If you work more than 40 hours/week then your overtime wages is 1.5x more. Thus, most organization die die will only let you work max 40 hours/week because they don’t want to pay you overtime. Sucks for people who wana earn more money (like me) but that’s why i’m planning to get a 2nd job when my first job is stable. But now really have to start from scratch. Need to have more conversation with the universe so that it’ll grant me my dream job in Starbucks!


Has anybody realized? July iz hereeeee!!!

To kick start the coldest month of winter.

OMG Seriously?! Macam mana mau enjoy nih? This is depressing weather!

Good news is tomorrow the bf and i will check out internet plans for our house (like finally!) but it’ll probably take 1-2 weeks for them to install so in the meantime i still need to depend on library wifi. But how la like this! I hate going out in cold day. So this week will just be me fixing my resume, cooking, monopoly with myself and overused of mobile internet.

Reading blogs instead of doing something productive pfft. Taking in max satisfaction with my relationship with wi-fi here. Am reading about travel blog in Japan and i am sad to announce that my ability to read hiragana & katakana has deteriorated. I have troubles recognizing the characters wtf. Go back Malaysia must bring my Japs book here so that i can keep practising the language. #determined

Yay tomorrow is bf de day off! Gonna have Japs for lunch and then watch Transformer 4. Tonight is our weekly grocery night but since we still have a lot of meat, gonna splurge on mushroom this week. Menu for the week – egg soup, Korean porky dish, couscous (super love it! easiest, healthy & hearty meal!) pasta (so long no eat lor) and maybe pesto tortellini la. It iz the best! Aiyo all these only 5 meals, need to squeeze my brain juice to think of more recipes edi!

Oh, btw i make the best scramble eggs. So light and fluffy. I didn’t put any seasoning into it also feel so delish. Yums! Bf hasn’t had the chance to try it yet coz i cooked for myself during lunch. Anyway, the bf and i have very different style of cooking. I try to use as little seasoning as possible for the reason of kiamsiap + healthy LOL. But bf’s cooking are more flavourful and oily (sinful). I think he eats my healthy cooking until sienz jor until crave for oily food.

Oh i have a new addiction! Fried noodle haha. I shamelessly proclaim to make the best fried noodle. So this week gonna buy more noodles to cook. Wana cook tomyam flavour, gochujang flavour, sesame oil too and uhm that’s all i guess :X No more instant noodle for me for the time being. Sick of it jor. But the bf super love it. So you eat yourself ha!


Okay it’s 4.20pm already. Gotta walk back home soon or else it’ll be too cold.

Till then, see ya peeps!





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