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Riverton and Mexican night

by melmonica on April 10th, 2014

Hello people! How are you?

Daylight saving thing is over so time difference between MY and NZ is only 4 hours woohoo! But on the downside is, daytime/ playtime is shorter, temperature drops drastically (before daylight saving: about 12C but now it’s less than 10C. Brrr!

Last week, bf cooked bak kut teh and it was so omfg good. I had 2 bowls for brunch and 2 bowls for dinner. So greedy kan? It was so good next time no need to go out for bkt edi. Bf can cook it yay!

Although I have been up to date with the Immigration law in US, it’s been a month since I submitted my partnership visa to immigration but no news of the application yet T3T. I’m bored out of my wits just by staying at home with no internet. So le bf surprised me with this limited edition ice cream. It was so good but pretty exxy too. NZD6 for 2.

On Tuesday, we went to the beautiful Riverton. It is such a pretty town that reminded me a lot about Laguna Beach. Beach house by the seaside. Then I started daydreaming and telling him when we’re rich we’ll get a place by the beach and our place will be double storey house. So first storey is garage and washing area (to clean off sand everytime we’re out from the water). 2nd storey obviously will have the usual kitchen, dining room, living room etc. So all these will have the gorgeous beach view. Then our bedroom and bathroom also must overlook the beach haahaha. So our house will be rectangular shape thus kids room will not have the view. Then, we’ll also have a rooftop balcony where we can bring our breakfast/ snacks up to enjoy the view as well as a hot tub.

Then continued daydreaming with the boyfriend having his morning jog with our dog then breakfast is served when he’s home. Then in the evening we can have picnic by the beach while our kids build sandcastle and our dog try to chase the wave wtf. Ahhhh such blissful life.

Went trekking just exploring the places.

Since it is autumn, a lot of tree has started peeling. Feel kinda sad for them as if their beauty is fading.

Otw to our picnic area, we drove past these gorgeous lil ponies.

Wish i have the guts to pat its head.

We wanted to catch some mussels at this picnic place but the tide was so high. Lesson learnt. Next time research on tide timing. Hrmph.

This is a gorgeous 360 view of the place. The day was bright and sunny. Oh how i’ve taken sunny days for granted. I miss grabbing whatever is in my closet and just run out. Now i have to layer up as it’s getting cold. And i, for one, hate cold weather.

On our way back to Invercargill, we dropped by Kathmandu to get thermal wear supplies *shudder*. I was dreading to get them because i’m still living in denial. At home i’ll still wear shorts and t-shirt. Acting all brave trying to defy the cold. I know soon i must come to my senses and tutup aurat. How i miss living in the northern area. Last year at this time, i was clad in a bikini doing sand boarding.

Our mails! Love receiving mails cos i’m just too bored wtf. Too bored till i go thru catalogs or brochures and spend an enormous amount of time as if i’m studying for an exam. Sigh. This is my auntie card hahaahah. It’s a card for my groceries. And love how it personalizes your mail with my name on it.

This week is Mexican week! Actually gonna cook 2 Mexican dishes only but i declare it Mexican week wtf. Here’s the filling for our tortillas. Mince beef with 2 sauces – tomato sauce and some red wine sauce. With parmesan cheese, spring onion and sour cream. It was oh-so-good. The tortilla wrap is so soft the boy and i started brainstorming for more food idea that will go very well with this.

On a more personal note, my life here is pretty nonchalant. As i can’t work so all i do is stay at home and do housework. If housework is done and the weather is fine then i’ll head to the library for wi-fi. It also got me thinking about my life, my life together with my partner, our hopes and dreams for the future etc.

The other day we were talking about parenting. Then that day talked about career. Few nights ago he jokingly asked me to marry him. We’ve been having this conversation until we make it like an everyday topic. Sumore can joke about it.

We were cuddling in bed when he said this:-

Him: You wana marry me or not.

Me: Huh?

Him: What? I offer you now already okay.

Me: *laugh uncontrollably*

I find it so funny how he tried to fish for my reaction. And if you asked me what is my “dream” proposal? I also don’t know actually hahaa. When i was young, i was such a tomboy that i don’t have vision for the “perfect wedding” etc. I actually never see myself settling down, only traveling the world. But now i can leave that thought and phase it into settling down. I wana have the financial planning conversation with the boy but we can’t have that talk yet coz i haven’t started working. I wana know how much we can save and see our bank account grows and make commitment kinda decision. Homaigod felt so grown up just by typing that!

Few days ago, i walked past Starbucks. Just to check out their new menu and working hours. I really wished immigration would approve my work visa coz i really really can’t wait to start working already. I even have talked to an immigration attorney hollywood on many instances regarding this matter. Starbucks need me yo!

On another note, i’ve never blogged about this before but since things are getting better then i shall just pen them down.

In full honesty, my first 2 weeks in NZ wasn’t great. Nights after nights i had dreams that I was still in Malaysia. And when i’m alone, my thoughts wander off about life in Malaysia. Okay la this is homesick.

Secondly, it was also a huge step for Ozias and me living together. For some reasons, i felt a little intimidated taking the next step in our relationship. Partially because we started off in LDR and now that we are 9 months old, we actually just started to learn about each other. Of course when you’re living with your partner, you see a whole different side of him/ her. And boy, that was some learning course yo! Didn’t know that it will be this hard. Didn’t know that it requires so much of patience and toleration. Few weeks after that, i burst into tears telling him how i felt and he didn’t know that i felt abandoned. In retrospect, it wasn’t totally his fault. He has long working hours job – from 11am to 10pm. So i had 11 hours of being stuck in a box, feeling alone with no friends to talk to and no internet to occupy myself with. As of today, i think i’ve been living like this for almost 8 weeks. I know i am champion wtf. It certainly is not easy lor. At times i felt so depressed but i cannot lash it out on Ozias cos it wasn’t his fault. But i have to give props to him coz after the talk, he bought me a bicycle so that i can roam around the neighbourhood and go to the library as often as i want to. He also surprises me with ice cream from time to time although i asked him not to do that bcoz we’re supposed to save money. Then at night, we try not to use the phone or watch movie so much but instead spend some quality time just cuddling and talking about our days. In the end, it helped a lot and ta-da communications really is one of the foundation to a long lasting relationship.

With my exes, i’ll usually get bored once the honeymoon flame is out. Like i’ll try to fight for my personal time etc. But with Ozias, i feel like our relationship has grown into a different phase. It’s like i can’t get enough of him. True enough that we have very limited daily manja time but i wouldn’t want to spend a single day being apart from him. The other day we talked about job offer like what if that job pays 5x more but we have to be in different cities. Without thinking much, i was like, “5x ah, why not!” But given the time and opportunity, i think i’ll pass on it. No money can buy the time spend with my loved ones. No money can buy memories. And certainly cannot buy the love that we share.

Anyway, few nights ago i thought about good parenting skills. Still in discussion with the boy hahaha. Omg we are really iz adults. Talk soon about it k!

Side note to immigration NZ: Pls approve my visa already la!!!


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