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Tak Habis-Habis Queenstown

by melmonica on October 31st, 2014


English translation: Can’t get enough of Queenstown.


Hi there! I’m back with the one and only blog-worthy story to share. Other than commuting from home to work to library, that pretty much sums up my ‘happening’ life in Invercargill.


On Wednesday, I was in Queenstown with some friends.

Back story: The bf received a phone call from his GM the night before to work on Wed but he said no. And when i arrived Queenstown, my SM called and text me to work at 4pm and i said sorry i’m in Queenstown #getyourprioritystraight.

Meeting friends from Mt. Cook trumps earning more money haha.


Queenstown was forecasted to rain but that didn’t dampen our mood. Although i’ve been in Queenston countless times but i just can’t stop sighing and be all wide-eyed at the scenic drive. No matter how many pictures I take, which angle I point at, I can never do justice to its beauty.

And I learnt that the view after Devil’s Staircase Lookout is more beautiful so I made a mental note to stop further down next time.


Upon arriving, we met up with the bunch and they quickly gathered and catched up with each other while i deviate away and play tourist.

I probably have 3 pics of this view in my phone taken during different seasons but still it’s not enough!


First stop – Lunch at Tham Nak Thai. I was missing the Panang Curry in Dunedin so I ordered this with the hopes that it’ll be as delicious as the one in Dunedin but it was forgettable. My dish was the last to arrive coz the chef forgot about it >.< The not-so-attentive waitress didn’t notice that everone has a dish except me wtf. And pity the rest coz they didn’t start until my dish arrived and they were famished.

Sadly the pic above is blur, no sharpening tools in any photo editing app can save it 🙁 Didn’t bother to retake it coz the rest was waiting for me.

Anyway, here are some of the food pics i managed to take while shamelessly embarrassing myself for taking the top-down shot.

Christine’s Pad Thai. It was pretty flavourful and just by looking at this makes me hungry.

This is Catherine’s Vegetarian Bento. Sigh, another poorly taken food pics coz she was seated far from me and i had to simply take it.

Sayang’s fried rice which was delish. And he smarty pants gave me the red chilli coz my dish wasn’t spicy. I ended up with a good 5 minutes of damage palette at the back of my tongue.

When we were ready to make the move, the boys were fighting over to pay for the meal #sigh #typical.

Next up, Vudu Cafe! *gleeful eyes*

Our usual – His Flat White, Her Mocha.

Halfway through, i had to take a massive dump and while i was in the toilet, the group’s conversation was audibly loud enough for me to hear. Although i know they weren’t speaking loudly but it’s pretty scary that i can hear clearly word-by-word.

And finally a pic with human in it wtf.

This pic was taken with monopod and honestly, i was rather embarrassed by it. But it is more mafan to ask someone to take pics for you so ok lah. Endure only.

Of course, we had more fun and did more than what is written. Just being in the familiar surroundings and comfort of your friends can bring so much joy. While driving home, sayang and i already started planning our next trip to meet them. Next stop will be in Wanaka! IMHO one of the most beautiful place in NZ.

Really can’t wait for it. Till then, gonna quit complaining, put my head down and work hard >.<


Happy belated birthday, Catherine <3

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