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Meet the new Sandwich Artist

by melmonica on September 30th, 2014


Hello peeps! How are you guys doing? As the temperature drops in the northern hemisphere, it’s about time the southern hemisphere residents enjoy our much needed sunshine yo!


As much as i’m lovin’ the sunshine, i also love my personal space. A massive throng of people are everywhere. I think i am at peace in my anti-social state of mind. Not a very good impression in my new workplace. Oh yes, i finally have a job!! Like after countless of applications sent, hours of straining my eyes on Trade Me Jobs website, the efforts are paid off. Although i wouldn’t wana take it for granted. Seems like during the slow season (read: winter) my hours may be cut drastically. Nah, it’s not something my boss mentioned, just a thought out of observation.


Anyway, i’ve been working for 2 weeks now and so far so good! Though my speed may not be up-to-par but i’m trying to stay cool and collected while trying to grasp a million things simultaneously. If you’re on my FB, you would have read some of my #SubwayStories. Okay la lemme copy & paste ’em here for your convenience 🙂


Story #1

Customer: Where are you from?
Me: Malaysia. Are you from Malaysia too?
Customer: No, I’m from Africa.
*awkward *
Me: *cover line* Oh you look like you know a lot about Malaysia so I thought you’re from there heheh.

Why I so mengsiasuikan 1.

2nd scenario is about this hot guy with super charming smile and eyes. I got too excited until I squeeze his bread too hard. Sorry!


Story #2

Customer: Where are you from?
(Loving the attention of being the foreign & exotic one)
Me: Malaysia 
Customer: Yeah, I figured you’re either from Malaysia or Indonesia.
Me: Have you been to Malaysia?
Customer: No, I’ve only been to Jakarta.
Me: That’s nice. For work or leisure?
Customer: My dad is Dutch and he spent some time in Jakarta years ago and had some girlfriends. He said he might have some child there. So that’s why we were there.

Duno how to react and so I smiled like it’s no biggie. (Trying to act very open kononnya)


While working has been fun (at times) i kinda miss working at my own turf like in Starbucks Sitiawan. Just cuz it’s my hometown and thus my customers are my friends so it doesn’t feel like work. Feels more like a meetup sesh. But since i am 9,000km away from home, everyone are like strangers to me *cries*

But the other day, I made a new non-colleague friend! 😀

I clearly remember this guy coz he gave me moral support on my first day of work. I think he saw me literally shaking while making his sandwich (hello, how can i feel comfortable while touching people’s food) And it was lunch rush hour so i lagi gancheong-ed. Anyway, he was really nice by saying, “You’re doing great”. I could feel my cheeks blush profusely and was at lost for words.


Then a couple of days ago, after i finished washing the Subway jamban, I spotted him as he was walking out. After exchanging the usual pleasantries, we talked more.

Customer: Hey how are you?

Me: Long time no see.

Customer: Yeah, so how are you getting along at work here?

Me: It has been great, actually.

Customer: Really? So, are you in Invercargill for a short while?

Me: Umm, not really.

Customer: So are you a student in SIT?

Me: Nope. I’m just here on a work visa.

Customer: Why don’t you study in SIT at the same time?

Me: (Laugh) Nah, i’m not keen on going back to study plus i have my degree from Malaysia already.

Customer: OMG you’re from Malaysia?!

Me: Yeah, why?

Customer: I love Malaysia. I’ve been there twice already. People there are so friendly.

(Honestly, every time a customer says this, i feel awkward. Should I say thanks? Technically the compliment is not directed to me cuz they are talking about their experience in Malaysia but I am a Malaysian living in NZ)

Me: So what are you doing here? Are you a local?

Customer: Yes, I worked in Warehouse (no wonder he looked so familiar) and next year i’m going to Auckland to study Bachelor Science of Something Something Something Zoology (embarrassingly, that’s the gist i got. the rest sound so scientific like words used in TBBT)

Me: Wow, sounds very smart.

Customer: (Laughs) i love working with animals hence zoology.

And then i quickly cut the conversation short coz i just don’t feel comfortable chatting during my working hours although i’m sure it is totally fine but… now i regretted not getting his name. But i’m pretty sure it’s either Timothy/ Benjamin/ Sebastian. Yeah all nerd names de. So there you go! A new friend with no name (yet)! Haha.


Argh thinking about work tomorrow is so zzz. My working hours is not fixed. Sometimes work 4,5 or 8 hours/ day. Tomorrow’s work will be for 5 hours only. So i can totally handle it! *thumbs up* (counting my wages for next week already)




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