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Lots of Verbal Diarrhea but Worth Reading wtf

by melmonica on December 5th, 2014


Okay i have exactly 45 minutes before the library closes so imma make this post short and snappy!


I’ve been reading a lot lately till i nearly get sick of it. But i’m proud to announce that i have read a grand total of 12 books this year! Last year i stopped at 8, can’t wait to put a number for 2015!

Was rushing through the last bit of 1Q84 and when it finished, i was exhausted and had a nap. And weirdly enough, i dreamt about 1Q84 – was in the scene with Tengo looking at the two moon and i was determined to help him look for Aomame. Can’t wait to read 1Q84 Book 3! I hope Tengo and Aomame reunites. If so, this would be the most twisted love story i have ever read.

Also, i’ve been ‘acting’ slim LOL.

Evidently, here. HAHAHA.

Had to deliberately suck it in to give you an illusion of a fake perfect abs LOL.

No la, true story is I bought this sweater for $10 (jackpot!!) and wasn’t sure if my outfit match or not. Since my place does not have a full-length mirror so i had the bf take pics of me wtf. Duno what pose to do so show my fake flat tummy. Also, this picture serves as an inspiration/ motivation for me to do more exercise. As if.

Since i’m such an ass when it comes to exercise, i resolve to eating less! And my body has started showing clear result. My bowel movement is more regular (which is a big deal for me coz as i kid i hate pooing so i only go like thrice a week wtf #tmi. Also, i lost weight. Not much la. Like 2-3kg (don’t yell at me). I know i’m skinny bla bla and that i should be eating more bla bla. But the more i eat, the more my tummy expands. It is sad that the fats would not go to other areas like my face or arms. It just sits at the ugliest and also the most hated part of my body. Sigh.

However, as bony as i have been, i come to secretly love it wtf (please don’t scream or bombard me with whatsapp messages after this). I love how sharp my chin is, i love how my cheekbones are very obvious, also secretly love the bony arms. To be honest, it sort of has that anorexic-like model look but i’m no anorexic i can assure you. I just eat smaller portion, eliminate fried food and sugar at all cost (except for that occasional indulgence. But that is like once in a fortnight) I don’t have any severe body or weight issues. I just wana lose my flabby tummy. But since i’m too lazy to exercise regularly, i reckon might as well control the size level right. Don’t let it expand until too big until it is 10 times harder for me to work on it.

Anyway, body issue aside, can i stress how much i love Spotify?

Been listening to a lot of BEP and i can’t get enough of Just Can’t Get Enough wtf.

Not in the mood of Kanye West but maybe just this time. Layan jer.


My recent addiction –> Two Dots

It’s a simple, aesthetically pleasing game (kinda like candy crush) that requires lots of strategize-ing. Though the app loads horribly slow but it is worth the wait wtf. Come i show you how the app looks like đŸ™‚

The home page.

The beginner level.

So cute kan?! It has up to level #135 and i’ll be bummed when my game is over T3T.

Whenever I play the game, my heart beats really fast and i unconsciously hold my breathe coz i’m kiasu like that. Busy strategizing and wana level up fast fast wtf.

Sigh, whoever who creates this game has my utmost respect in design. But seriously, they should hire a talented programmer to make the game lighter –> loads faster. Luckily it’s visually appealing if not i wouldn’t have the patience to play this game wtf. My patience is reserved for pretty things wtf.

I feel like this game increases my IQ. I feel smarter every time i finish playing this game wtf.  Since my work is brainless and so is my every day life, i should do something to enhance my IQ level/ knowledge right. Just because your life and work is moving on a straight line doesn’t mean your personal life progression should be stagnant.

Shit I googled ‘Self Actualization’ and there’s a test on it. Can’t click on it coz time’s up. Library is closing.

Talk to you guys later. Have a rocking good weekend! Toodles <3



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