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Looking for snow, hello!

by melmonica on August 15th, 2014

Ohai! I’m back. Have to update something here because the bf said, “I expect to see my face in your blog” during our trip at Queenstown. #tumpangglamourbf



So i feel very happening coz last week we drove for 3 hours to the east to Dunedin then this week drove 3 hours to the west to Queenstown.

Snow has been forecasted for the day so ok lah brave the snow for one last time before spring comes.


We left the house at 8.30am with a delicious finger-licking homemade breakfast by him. It was bacon and cheese sandwich flavoured with wasabi mayo. All my favourite in one <3


Then off we went to look for snow!

Halfway trough the journey, this welcomed us. Left, front magnificent view of the gorgeous snow-capped mountain.

Looking at this view from inside the car made me feel agitated. I don’t know why i have this unexplainable desire of eating snow. I assume it feels the same as eating icing sugar? Same right? Both also soft and white mah ๐Ÿ˜‰

Magnificent view at Devil’s Staircase Lookout Point.

I asked sayang to sit on the rock and smile and in this pic he looks very ’round’ ๐Ÿ˜›

Him: Eh, take one more lah. This time no smile one.

Me: *reluctantly obliged* Okayyyy…..


BAM! No smile for you.

Looking like a mafia, huh?


Next is my turn to have my picture taken.

Me: What? I don’t want to be the center of attention. I want the scenery to be the main focus point and i’m just on the side blending it. Like how i took for you.


So much better! At least my head didn’t ‘touch’ the mountain kan?

This is how we are when we are not fighting.

Sigh. So beautiful like a painting.

After feeling satisfied taking pics at every angle of the surroundings and in dire need of warmth and food, we quickly dashed off to the CBD.

This is how i check my makeup if it’s okay anot. For whatever reason, I don’t trust the image on my mirror. Prefer to trust a camera LOL.

And I also can’t believe I spent 5 minutes fixing my makeup before heading out. I don’t know since when i’ve become a vainpot.

Pork ribs & chips for $15 at Flame Bar and Grill. The maรฎtre d’ specifically mentioned that this is not a sharing course then he took my utensils away.

My verdict: Good sauce however the meat was tough. It made cutting difficult and my jaw was tired by the end of the meal. Will i come back for this? Definitely not. Nothing to shout about except that it’s worth it for a backpacker.

Then we walked the calories off at a park nearby.

More sighing and gushing at the beautiful scenery all around us. My first encounter with a snow-capped mountain was last year at Mount Cook. It was the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen but i wouldn’t enjoy being in that surrounding. You should have known by now that i super hate the cold one.

Thankfully the sun came out and we indulged in a little bit of sunshine for a while.

Maybe too much of indulgence jor ๐Ÿ˜›

A panoramic view of our surroundings.

More pics to make you jealous ๐Ÿ˜›

Nah more for you.

We were so lucky that the weather was sunny. It was chilly at times but at least we get to wear our cheapo shades out.

This pic of us looks eerily similar. Head angle, smile. I dowan to look like him can anot?

Why Invercargill don’t have a lake as pretty as this one ๐Ÿ™

Then we had a cuppa and chill in Vudu Cafe & Larder. I gotta rave about this. The drinks served were immaculately good. I ordered Mocha and the ratio balance between the coffee and cocoa was perfect. The coffee and cocoa aftertaste didn’t overpower but instead complement each other. Which got me addicted and before I left Queenstown, I tapau-ed another cup. I didn’t touch the drink until I reached home and by then it had already gone cold. Now usually, cold coffee means stale coffee and it doesn’t taste as good as a freshly brewed cup. But that’s not the case for this! I ended up liking it so much and was secretly hoping that sayang doesn’t want it so that i can have it all to myself. And after i finished the cup, i actually crave for another one. I guess the coffee must be really good or they put drugs to keep me addicted. Moreover, the price was relatively cheap. $4.50 for a regular cup (most cafe charge $5/cup)

This is definitely the best discovery in Queenstown <3

We went to Queenstown looking for snow but we were not lucky enough to see snowfall. Afraid that the road might be slippery so we went home early.

Otw back, it started snowing ย and I was feeling in awe and bitter at the same time because I couldn’t experience the magical feeling of a snowfall. It was certainly frustrating and we couldn’t just stop by the roadside. It would be too dangerous (and idiotic). So this picture is the only remembrance I have of my (possibly) final snowfall. Aside from the angry mode, it was calming to see snowfall pelting gently. The bf put his hand out to feel it but I wasn’t crazy enough to let my hand freeze pls.


And so that pretty much summed up my day in Queenstown. Everything is expensive (tourist spot mah) but it was a nice change to walk in the park and sigh at Lake Wakatipu’s beauty.


The next day I had this post-holiday syndrome plus the weather in Invercargill didn’t help at all. It was the windiest city in NZ at 56km/h. Faster than the city’s speed limit sumore! Hrmph.



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