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His Cooking Diary

by melmonica on June 6th, 2014


Yay, it’s Friday again! Which means it’s library time!!

Somehow the time spent catching up on blogs are shorter now coz i’ve been using up my mobile data reading up y’all! FYI, my data left 79MB only and i still have 21 days to go before my next topup.

6th day into my second winter. So far it has been a-okay. The weather is still bearable. Sayang said July-August are the coldest months. Bracing myself for the unimaginable cold weather ahead >.<

See what the cold did to my finger the other day! My 2nd, 4th and 5th fingers are all swollen. They looked like friggin Vienna sausages! They only shrinked to normal finger size if there’s hot water i.e. shower time.


Okay back to the real deal of this post.

Few days ago i had this hankering of eating pineapple. Went to check ’em out Β at the local supermarket and it’s $4.50/each. Why so exxy one πŸ™ But le bf thought it’s okay to splurge on fruits so ta-dah! My own personal pemotong nanas hahahaha!

Man in kitchen. So sexay!

I vaguely remembered back in Motueka, he was skinning the pineapples for his friends and all the guys just stood around him with so much awe. I on the other hand, left the room unimpressed lol. Fastforward 1.5 years later whenever he’s in the kitchen, i now watch him in awe hahaha.

I’ve never shared with you all the glorious food that he cooked before right. So brace yourself people! Happy feasting with your eyes!


Ingredients used:-

1x flounder

Lotsa garlic + 1 x red chilli (minced)

A little bit of lemon


How to:-

1. Stir fry the minced garlic & red chili

2. Prepare the fish on aluminium foil (as pictured)

3. Pour the minced garlic & red chilli mixture on top of the fish. Spread them evenly.

4. Squeeze a bit of lemon on your fish.

5. Wrap them up and steam it at 200`c for 25 minutes.


Once it is done, just embrace yourself with the most fragrant smell in the world <3


This is kung pao chicken with cashew nuts and runny yolk.

So yums i tell you! I super love cashew nuts + runny yolk. Perfect combination! I wana have this again, sayang. Can? *hopeful eyes*

Stir fry vege + BKT!!

So homey & good <3

This is umm… stir fry vege and chicken i think? Sorry i’m not really good at describing food especially Asian food.

This is ginger shallot chicken. Also super yums omg i’m regretting writing this post with an empty stomach T3T

This pic goes way back. Beancurb soup with seaweed, corned beef + cucumber (i think) and red bean.

Ladies and gentleman, lemme present you the most expensive piece of tofu we’ve ever bought. Costing at a friggin’ $5.00!! I super love tofu but i gotta break up with you. You’re too expensive high maintenance edi.

Us while waiting for our pizza at Domino’s.

Super good hair day + loving the colour. I miss my hairdresser in Malaysia!!! πŸ™

And this is us acting ghetto with indoor snowflake wtf.


On another note, I have been bugging sayang to tell me what we’ll be doing on my birthday next week.

Me: Sayang, what are you cooking for my birthday next week?

Him: Instant noodle.

Me: Cool! Can i have instant noodle with cheese + all the ingredients you can get in steamboat like fish ball, crab sticks etc.

Him: *ignore*


Few days later.

Me: Can i have cake as well?

Him: *ignore*

Me: Are you going to cook for me on Tues during your day off or are you going to postpone your day off to Thursday (my birthday)

Him: Next Monday night you will know la.

Frustrating laa i tell you. Cannot get anything out of him! I’ve already told him not to do anything for me coz i only want his cooking + cake for my bday. But why can’t he be honest about what he’s going to cook!!! Not like there’s a lot of Asian food supplies in Invercargill also.


Here’s how he annoys me.

Me: *while brushing teeth*

Him: *hugs me and whisper* Will you marry me?

Me: *toothbrush in mouth* Huh?

Him: *repeat* Will you marry me?

Me: *laugh*


While we were chilling in the living room.

Him: *while looking at me straight in the eye* Sayang, will you marry me?

Me: Again?!

Him: What again?

Me: Yala why you always play with this kinda question 1?

Him: Who says i’m playing?

Me: You’re not being serious also!

Him: So how is it consider being serious?

Me: Y’know the ring and bending down on one knee.

Him: So if i bend down on my knee now consider serious?

Me: No ring also so not counted!


What is this la guys. I know it won’t happen anytime soon thus why is he fishing for reaction. So not fun okay. Give me expectation only. And with expectation leads to disappointment. Le sigh πŸ™





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