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Hello from Invercargill, NZ

by melmonica on March 12th, 2014

Hello there!

Updating a bit coz i’m in a library for wi-fi! Yeah, i’ve been living here for 3 weeks and we haven’t gotten internet in our unit. 3 weeks man. #impressed

On another note, I ran out of mobile data wtf. Don’t know why in NZ they’re so kiamsiap on mobile data haih. For $19/ month, you get 80 minutes (i think) of voice calls, unlimited text and only 500MB data. 500MB can do what? Most of the time i wasted it on FB and reading up on news about MH370. And now i’ve been living completely without internet at home i’m just watching series and reading books at home. Aih.

My parents got worried about my wellbeing that they texted Ozias about me hahaha. The first time when I was in NZ i didn’t update them about my whereabouts for 2 weeks. When I was in Sydney for 10 days also I didn’t contact them why that time they were not worried hrmph. I suspect must be the MH370 thing.

Anyway, what to update about my life hmmm.

So, i’m currently working. Working as a tai tai at home wtf. I’m on visitor visa so technically cannot work la. Just stay at home, cook, clean the house, eat and be fat wtf.

Last week i attempted to cook rendang but failed and it end up becoming a curry wtf. Cooked a really huge pot that took us 3 days to finish it phew. Highlight of the moment was when he came back from work and took a sniff and just went “Homaigod curryyyyyy!!!”. Boyfriend is such an Asian food sucker.

We’ve got all the basic thing needed in our home – microwave, rice cooker, slow cooker, frying pans, pots, heater, table, bed etc homaigod my first week here was so overwhelming. Cos in Malaysia, when you move into a new place, the basic stuffs are usually there. You only move yourself + your personal stuffs in. But in NZ, the only thing that was there is a fridge + freezer and washing machine. House is totally empty. On our first night, we had to sleep on the floor cos the bed only came on the 2nd day. I took a liking to it and asked for the mattress price.

We got a 1 bedroom unit and it’s totally adorable! I told Ozias i wanted a small unit cos i’m too lazy to clean it’s manageable and purrfect for the two of us! The only downside of it is our neighbours are all old people. Yesterday, we saw a young couple at the vacant unit – not sure if they’re moving in or out 🙁 But i really hope cool and happening people will move in so that i got friend and not talk to my husky at home only 🙁

What else to update?

Oh, Ozias and I talked about our unborn/ uncreated daughter Summer like every single day. She sometimes takes up a lot in our conversation and a lot of things that we do, we will think of her as well.

For example:-

1. When we walked at Queens Park yesterday. We’d imagined that in the future, we’d have to hold her hands coz she’ll be walking in between us. And we’d imagine that she’ll chased all the ducks at the pond and read ALL the signs out loud coz she wants to practise her reading.

2. When we shop, she’ll eye on the chocolate aisle and couldn’t take her eyes off them even as we push the trolley to the check-out counter.

3. Today when Ozias was putting in water bottle into my backpack to bring it to the library then he was like, “In the future, i’m going to prepare Summer’s lunchbox and keep it in her bag.” Aww… <3

4. Every Tuesday is Ozias’ Asian cooking day. It’s his day off from work, so it’s my day off from housewife duties wtf. So last night i was observing him in the kitchen then i said, “Y’know in the future there will be 4 of us standing in the kitchen like this watching you.”

I could go on and on about the stuffs that we talk/ imagine about Summer but I’ll stop here for now 🙂 Summer if you ever managed to find mommy’s blog in the future, we’re always thinking of you before you’re created 🙂

On another note, just to clarify, we’re not trying for a baby. We want our life sequence to be married –> kids. Not the other way round haha. I know things are unpredictable so i’ll make sure that no matter what, it’ll be married first hahaaha.

Right now i’m so hungry wtf. Only had cereals. It’s 4.15pm and i’m holding my pee coz i wana use the internet puas puas before heading to an internet-less home.

Can’t wait to start working as well. Can’t wait to start saving money and plan for our next travel! Well, it will definitely be one of our most expensive trip coz we die die also must go to Old Trafford and Santiago Bernabeu.

Anyway, i’m super hungry already and i can’t hold my pee any longer. Maybe the next entry i should update about how my house look like.

What i’ve got here is only a picture of the view outside. See ya!

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  1. Prathaban permalink

    Glad you two are doing great there! Keep the posts coming Mel. At least we know what’s happening at Invercargill;) Missing you guys!

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