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Hairy Monkey

by melmonica on March 5th, 2013


This is a story of friendship between two kawan.

Mok and I have a “unique” kind of friendship.

We are always in our own world.

We can tell a joke telepathically and burst out laughing at the same time.

We express affection through insults (and some can really hurt like hell. it is certainly not for the short temper)


The things we say.


After work:-

Mok: Hungaryyyyy.

Me: You can eat my shit.

Mok: OK give me your shit and i will eat it for you to see.

Me: OK but my asshole is shy wtf.



Mok has this awesome sound system in his car. His playlist is awesome too. Will.I.Am, Kanye West, Jason Mraz, James Morrison and Maroon 5. (Purposely leave out Jamiroquai from this list cos sorry, I don’t know how to appreciate Jamiroquai’s song. Don’t know whether I spelled his name correctly or not.)


When Jamiroquai’s song playing. ..

Me: Change the song Mok. Chulseyo.

Mok: Sometimes I wonder why do you keep using the word “chulseyo”. Do you know that “chulseyo” means “please give it to me.” In this situation, I don’t have anything to give to you.

Me: Okay. Mok, change the song. Seyo.

Mok: What?! You can’t use the word “seyo”. It’s like saying “-ease” from the word “please”. Do you know what I mean?

Me: *embarrassed* Please don’t tell your Korean friend about your stupid Malaysian friend trying to learn Korean.



Driving past a group of black people. I pushed the horn.


Mok: OMG do you want me to kill you? 90% of people outside Countdown were looking at me. Maybe when i drive back now they will kill me.

Me: Yeah and do Korean BBQ on  you.



At a zebra crossing while waiting for mother and daughter to cross the road.


Me: Aww, look so sweet.

(Fake attempt to push the horn)

Mok: Do you want to die?

Me: Wouldn’t it be funny? Aww, look so sweet. BEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPP.

Mok: Yeah, move your ass man.



The other day, Mok and I went to Richmond and pick up his car. He bought a secondhand BMW for NZD1,900. Honestly, I was a bit xing tong for him cos he didn’t have to spend unnecessarily since he has a good car. 


2 hours after buying the car.


Me: Do you actually like your car now?

Mok: Well, okay… not to say i really like it.

Me: OK then you can text the seller and return it.

Mok: And tell him what? Thank you for renting your car to me for 2 hours?

Me: Yes, and ask for your NZD1,900 back too LOL.



Sometimes, I am not ashamed of saying what’s on my mind.


Me: I miss Ozias.

Mok: I think you should marry him.

Me: -.-”



Me: Come, lemme take sexy picture of you with the car.

Me: Mok! That’s not sexy. You look like a hairy monkey!



Sometimes I like to say ridunkculous things for a reaction.


After smoko, walking down the stairs.


Me: Hey Mok.

Mok: What?

Me: Jung-mal. Saranghamida.

Mok: (making gestures like he wants to beat me up. LOL.)


At work.

Mok: Melissa.

Me: What?

Mok: (show middle finger)

Me: (mouth “fuck you”)



On Skype.


Mok: Yoyo.


Is this same as me?

Me: Yes! Very similar! Please make one for me too.


Do you want me to kill you?!



I posted an instagram of Mok.


Me: You know, my friend said the before picture looks cuter. (stare at him for a mental “spot-the-difference”) I know why already. Your have very little hair on your head now. But elsewhere you are hairy.

Mok: You know, my hair travel downwards.















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