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Frosty Sunday

by melmonica on July 16th, 2015


Was meant to blog this sooner but i live in an internet-less home so this comes a tad bit late. Better late than never no?

Last weekend we had horribly cold nights. Temperature below 0c is a norm. What’s exciting in this freezing weather is how our entire backyard and neighbourhood are covered with beautiful icy frost. This was the coldest time of the season and it doesn’t come very often (thank god) so to truly appreciate the beauty i took lotsa pictures and videos for rememberance! 🙂


On Sunday, i had the day off and the bf have a bit of time before work begins so we dragged our warm asses out of the bed and to Queens Park for some coffee and dog watching.


Very rare of me but i actually forgotten to bring my phone out wtf. I know some people will go bonkers without their phone. Well, i’m like that too except when i’m with the boy coz he makes me feel safe <3

All pictures are taken with the Sony Xperia Z2, the boy’s new phone *sigh*. The quality trumps my 2-year-old S4, my phone can retire liao.

See the details of the frost. SO pretty right! Excuse the black foreign object on the top left hehe. That’s my glove wtf. I took another pic sans the glove but posted this up coz i reckon my blurred glove gives the picture a bit of character.


When we arrived the park at 10.30am, it looked like winter wonderland. Everything was in white. But because i went and grabbed coffee and chill, this was taken 30 minutes later. The sun has melt the frost 🙁 But you still can see patches of white covered by shadows.



So captivated by the frost. Tong sampah also must take wtf.


I missed the rare opportunity to take picture in a frosty park 🙁 When we came, the park was literally covered in white. So pretty! I made a mental note to to this exact spot for a picture. And by the time i went, nehhh. Frost melt liao 🙁 Sad ler. But this picture still looks awesome. I am really impressed with the bf’s photo composition. I didn’t have to do anything at all!


The bf exercising hahaha.

See how thick we have to dress! HAHAHA. Damn sien la living in this weather. Can you believe that for 25 years I live in tropical weather and now…. now i have become the person who says “Eh, tonight is warm la.” And that warm is 10c, my friends. OMG 10c nights for me is warm!!! Since when?!

On another note, I am fascinated that human being has the ability to adapt so quickly. Last winter, the only thing i ever blogged about are the complains about the cold. But this year, i have learnt to embrace it, make full use of the physical contact with the bf hahaha. Coz i noticed during summer time, we hugged lesser compared to winter time.



The previous Monday was really cold. I couldn’t remember the exact temp but while we were out, we kept getting hit by hails and it took us at least 10 mins to defrost the car.

And it snowed that night!


This is Louisa Street. My lovely and very quiet neighbourhood. Every morning, you can hear nothing but birds chirping and my boyfriend snoring next to me haha. My 2 fav sounds to wake up to <3

This is the road on my right but the bottom pic made it to Instagram 🙂


Oh gosh, just look at the snow-powdered picture! I wished i had a picture with my face in it! But this picture was taken on my day off, when i just woke up at 10.45am so no way am i documenting my crazy hair with it. Also, the cold was no joke.

And this was beside my house lah. Not a very pretty sight but still one to remember 🙂

A full version of this year’s snowfall. The one i posted on instagram was only 15 seconds (mehhh) and this was 30 seconds long i think?! Actually the nice part of the video is the ending but it wasn’t on instagram sighhh.

Neways, we kept whispering in the video haha because the street was really quiet. This was around midnight-ish in the CBD.


Enjoy 🙂

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