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Edits for the week

by melmonica on March 18th, 2014


Hello there! Siew lai lai come here to write rubbish again wtf. Been doing nothing at all and i’m slowly dying of boredom.

So no internet and sick of watching the same series over and over again, i edited some pics on my phone to entertain myself wtf!


Let’s start off with this! The boy’s fav photo of the lot. It was taken during our trip from KL – Labuan and because it was our first holiday together, we booked all our flights with the window seats <3 So jakun to see airplanes queue up to fly in the morning.

Oh #MH370 where art thou? I kinda stop following the news jor cos what you read is all about speculations and predictions nia. I don’t want your thoughts. I DEMAND ANSWERS!! *bang table.

For the past few days, Ozias and I played detective analyzing the whole situation based on facts. But now sien jor no facts de all bullshit flying around haih. Though the chances of the passengers surviving is really small but i hope all of them are in one piece and someone will bring them back to their families.

I got nothing to do so edit the only pic i have of our baby Sky.

Edit a nice pic of myself cos every day i look like crap wtf. Every day stay in bed waiting for husband to come home eat dinner aih our waistline is expanding jor!!

But still! Eat and be happy right? Like the only thing i’m looking forward is welcoming him home at our door steps. Every time he steps out of the car, i’ll be jumping in joy. Well, actually coz i’m cold but nvm la if it makes him smile 🙂

So now, i’m upgrading housewife duties wtf! Must keep myself busy and not drown in boredom.

Learning how to cook more food hehe. Recipes i yearn to learn.

1) Lasagna

2) Korma

Last week made Butter Chicken which was super delish *licks fingers*

3) Lemon cheesecake

Last week made Choc Cheesecake and it was quite good actually. Though i think technically i can still improve coz it didn’t turn out like how i envisioned. But the taste was omfg good. I suspect the boy likes lemon cheesecake cos he suddenly mentioned it. So gonna research the easiest/ cheapest way to bake it. And maybe next month only bake la. Every night we have our dinner at 10.30pm then sometimes dessert with ice cream/ cake (if i bake). Macam mana tak gemuk ni?! So need to restrict to one cheesecake per month.

4) Beef bourguignon

Don’t know what’s this but imma make this one day!

5) Ayam briyani

Was doing our groceries at an Asian store and saw this packet of ayam briyani powder *Mentally salivating*. So one day when i’m feeling Asian and have done my researched then will attempt to cook this one day *determine*

6) Roti canai

Read fourfeetnine‘s dayre and saw roti canai. Aih, suddenly miss it very much.


I think so far that’s all kua. We’ve been looking around for bak kut teh spices in Queenstown and Invercargill but tarak 🙁 Boyfriend makes the best bak kut teh but imma beat him to it! *competitive

Actually i can’t beat him la cos he’s been cooking for years while i only started 2 years ago! I cooked so little until i know how many times i have fried an egg wtf. Like 2-3 times nia. And last week/ 2 weeks ago i managed to flip my eggs successfully.


Missing the husband so badly 🙁 He always self praised himself hence the caption hahahaha. Like he will super praised his cooking and compliment his good looks. Usually, i’ll just ignore. But now edit it like this just to please him hahaha. Then he asked me why got that blue/pink/ red line in the middle one and i’m like “Why u no art sense 1!!”

Took a lot of effort and time to edit the previous pic. Still got time to kill before he reach home so edit this super comel face aih. My monkey face <3


Lastly edit this pic coz the boy has been bugging me to upload this. But i can has no internet grrr!

Le sigh. See this pic i sendiri also melt aih. Ok la i only have 40 mins to go to online in the library. Gonna research my recipes nao.






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