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Easy Exercise Regime for Lazy People

by melmonica on June 9th, 2014


Hello people! How was your weekend? Mine was horribly boring. As usual. No surprises.

Anyway, to spice things up a little at home i created an easy exercise regime for myself (easy coz i’m lazy).


Mission: To have flat abs by bikini season –> December

See i give myself plenty of time to achieve that. No unreasonable target means mission possible!


3 2x 60s planking

3 2x 60 45s leg lift (my fav! can feel my lower abdomen burn)

3 2x 15 sit ups

3 2x 15 10 bicycle crunches (this is also my fav!)

3 2x 15s side planking (my least fav coz i can’t feel anything burning wtf. plus not sure if my position is correct anot. any tips?)

3 2x 15 squats (my fav coz i can do it while watching series #multitasker)


Gonna add  another exercise which is the hip raise. Looks doable 🙂


The target is to do this 3 times a day at every 3 hours interval. 9am, 12 noon, 3pm/ 12pm, 3pm, 6pm/ 3pm, 6pm, 9pm. Time scheduled depending on what time i wake up and feeling wtf.

Woah like very ambitious hor? But so far i’ve only managed to do it 2x a day and instead of 3 sets i only did 2 #shameful. In my defence, i don’t want to work my abs too hard excuses. But from now onwards must complete all 3 sets!

I have something embarassing to admit – after every exercise i will lift up my shirt to look at my fatty abdomen. To see whether got effect anot wtf. Well, result is the only motivation factor for me. But so far i can feel that my abs feel a bit firm (i may be delusional). My body also feels less bloated and lethargic.

I think the best way to see the result is to take a before and after picture at the end of every month!

Then when the weather gets warmer (read: Oct/Nov) I will attempt to start running/ cycling. Not sure how i will fare on this so i will set my target when the time comes.


Tips: I read that it is good to exercise before your breakfast so that your workout will ‘eat out’ all your fats wtf. And i have stopped myself from taking 3 large meals a day. Cutting it to only 1 meal (dinner with the bf) and healthy snacks throughout the day i.e. cereals, fruits, yogurt, baked chicken and instant noodle. Okay la last one not very healthy *shifty eyes*


On a totally unrelated note, i checked out Google Analytics on my blog today. Yeah, i perasan i got a lot of readers wtf.

My readership’s countries wtf.


After Malaysia, the second highest is from NZ. Well, it could be me who constantly visit my own blog to see if got people comment anot wtf.

3rd highest is US! Hello US reader! Who are you? Can you give me a hola?

4th highest is SG! I didn’t know i have Singaporean readers. Who are you? Are you Pat Chong or my Malaysian friend, Chang Yew Sheng? Come intro yourself pls *curious*

Next is Indonesia! Hello Christine are you reading?

And this is the city breakdown. Okay the other day i saw that i have more Singaporean readers than Ipoh and George Town. But now it’s the opposite. So hello Ipoh peeps and Penang lang! I really wana know who reads my blog. I don’t want to be talking to myself on this blog. I’m already alone most of the time (i only get to see the bf 4 hours/day) and i’ll take any form of communication from whoever!

So if i mentioned you correctly, pls write me a comment. And if i’m not, then pls reveal yourself. I wanna be friends wtf. No, honestly, i don’t have ANY FRIENDS AT ALL HERE. i am one sad loser case la haha. Totally opposite from my life back in Malaysia.


Anyway, it’s a brand new week! Gonna start reading again to keep myself occupied. Reading has the illusion of making time pass faster. I have 5 books to go. Wish me luck!









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