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Dunedin… just cuz

by melmonica on August 9th, 2014


Hello I’m back with blog-worthy pictures and stories!

And this time back to Dunedin for a day! (Sky insisted on following us!)

The boy was very spontaneous. On the night before, he said he didn’t feel like cooking on his day off and want to get out of Invercargill. So we thought real hard of where to go.

The choices:-

– Dunedin (3 hours drive)

– Queenstown (3 hours drive)

– Catlins

– Arrowtown


We’ve been to the 1st 3 places so I suggested Arrowtown which is somewhere near Queenstown. After checking weather forecast for all 4 places (very essential for roadtrip), Dunedin has the best weather – sunny at 11c. Ok la onz!


Our first stop was Sichuan 88 for dimsum!

Oh glorious food, time to dig in!

The coriander dimsum (top) is delish! A must try!

The soft and super yums chee cheong fun. Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than the sad looking , depressing and blant one we had in Golden Harvest on my birthday.

Deep fried radish cake. So good with Kg Koh chili sauce but Thai chili sauce will do lah 🙂

Sichuan 88 is located at Mornington, a 10 minute drive from CBD. Total bill was $38.50 only. For the same amount of dish we had, this is much cheaper and yummier compared to the $60 we paid at Golden Harvest.

A satisfying start to our food adventure!


Next stop – St Clair Beach!

Clear blue sky + waves crashing + tight hugs = blissful day <3

Absurd paradox – Sunny yet cold.

Him: The nearest place is public toilet.

Me: Where? (looks around)

Him: Neh! *points up*




St Clair beach is a popular spot for surfers. And these are the ones who fed the great white shark.

Fire Shark Alarm

Once we’re done freezing our ass in the sun, we drove to the city.

Otw, we spot this nice lookout and stop for a pics.

Looking at this pics makes me miss the sunshine! (Invercargill’s weather was horrible the next day)

Slutting it out for a day!


When i first arrived NZ, i spent 2 weeks in Dunedin. Thus, I played tour guide! Brought the boy to all the tourist (and free) spots!

The Dunedin Railway Station.

Fun fact: It’s the 2nd most photographed place in the southern hemisphere (1st being Sydney Opera House)

Happy not sick boy acting cute! #takbolehtahan

Will you go aww….

My attempt to emulate the picture below…

Taken 2 years ago.


Look at the amount of clothes i wore!

My hair!

So nostalgic ahhhh.


More touristic pictures just cuz…

The entire time I was there I couldn’t help but to think of Sheldon from TBBT. His love for trains has permanently etched at the back of my head.


Ended the night with a sumptuous dinner and bubble milk tea at Chopstick 101.

Eggplant with BBQ pork in spicy sauce for $20.

Had roasted pork belly also but we were too quick to let our tummy dictate our actions. Before I could whip out my phone to photograph it for my viewing pleasure, we quickly gobbled them down. So fast until i almost made a mess and embarrassed myself.


2 weeks later will mark my 6 months stay in Invercargill and unfortunately, I have yet to meet other Malaysians (besides Ozias). So whenever we go to a bigger city like Dunedin or Queenstown, we’d curiously guessed if the person who walked past us is Malaysian or not.

In Chopstick 101, there are a couple of wait staffs who eerily looked like Malaysian. Not that Malaysian has a specific look but we can just feel it lol. Halfway through our dinner, the waiter came and asked, “You guys ordered the sweet and sour pork?” We, politely said no. And then sayang and i were like confirmed lah Malaysian! Only Malaysian will use the phrase “you guys”. And when I went to takeaway my bubble milk tea, I summoned my confidence and asked the waitress if she’s a Malaysian.

“Yes. I’m Malaysian. We’re all Malaysians” (points to the other waiters)

“Oh great! Me too!”

“Which part are you from?”

“I’m from Perak. You?”

“I’m from Sarawak.”

“Wow! Which part of Sarawak”

(Waitress giving me weird looks probably because of my nosiness) “Miri”

“Oh great! My dad is from Kuching. My dad’s Iban and mom’s Chinese”

“Wow so you’re mixed”

“Yeah. Why ah?”

“Oh coz earlier I thought you’re a Taiwanese”

*flattered* “Thanks!”


Don’t know which part of me that looks like a Taiwanese nor did I speak Mandarin to them.

And I went home feeling contented with my bubble milk tea, a day out with the boy with lots of love and yummy food in my tummy.






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