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Done with One Week Trial

by melmonica on July 14th, 2014


Yay, finally i’m done with it! *throws confetti* As much as i enjoyed the work experience, i am so glad to kick back and catch up on my sleep. #lazypig

So last week i accepted the 1 week work experience just cuz i’m too free. I started on Tuesday (8/7) and went in with an empty mind to absorb as much as i possibly can.

On the 1st 2 days i was assigned to dishes & runner.

Well, how hard could it get right? Wait till it’s lunch hour and kitchen closing time. It feels running in a never ending marathon. Working hours wise was fine. 10.30am – 4pm. 5.5 hours. Not too long lah. I can handle it de.

Back in Starbucks, doing the dishes was my fav thing to do. Coz i don’t need to layan customers & i get to layan my own thoughts. At one point, i asked myself why am i doing this? I have a Marketing degree and why am i washing dishes for a living? Oh right. Because i am greedy. Because i wasn’t contented with my life. See. Greedy lor. But i guess, in whatever you do in life, there is a starting point where you have to bust your ass harder than before. Keeping my fingers crossed for a better outcome >.<

Oh almost forget to mention! The bf made tang yuan for breakfast! Very filling and satisfied. And when i’m done for the day, he picked me up and we went to watch the sunset by the beach. Then he surprised me with a gift! A mitten from Glassons!

He bought this for me coz he’s scared that it’ll be too cold to walk home. And he’s proud that i’m on trial. Wah like that got present for my next interview and next trial ma? Also what about my first job here heheh. #spoilt

3rd & 4th day – Sandwich dept

I almost cried when i saw the working hours. 7am – 2pm. 7!! Freaking 7am?!!!!! I am not a morning person. Thus, i reluctantly set my alarm at 5.30am and forced my biological clock to shut down at 11pm. And do you think it happened? Of course not! I usually sleep at 2am so this was quite a struggle. In the end, i didn’t manage to sleep well for fear of oversleeping. Then on 2nd night i KO-ed at midnight and slept till 5.30am (achievement unlocked!). But after 2 nights of sleeping early/ waking up earlier i literally died after my shift. At 4.30pm the washing machine guy brought a new one for us (woohoo!). After he left i tried to go back to bed but i can’t. So just lay in bed for an hour before deciding to wash up. Then, i hid under the duvet, playing dead while listening to music. On and off i’d wake up to reply sayang’s text. At 9.10pm with eyes half-opened, i woke up then thought, “Okay. Still got 30 minutes before i need to start cooking for him”. Mana tau i slept till 10pm. Quickly apologize to the bf via text. Actually duno why i did that lor. Coz he’s most probably on his way home already. Half-asleep mind is super blur!

Usually, i’ll welcome him home but i was too exhausted to even leave the bed. Felt so guilty but luckily he’s understanding and even whipped out a quick dinner! Surprisingly, he let me eat it in bed. Was contemplated of asking him to feed me while i’m lying down but didn’t. Sat up and clumsily hold my bowl of fried noodles. So yums!

We chatted about our days but i was too tired to report wtf. So i fend him off by asking him to do the dishes or go shower so that i can get a quick nap while he’s out of the bedroom. But the moment he opened the door, my eyes are wide open and pretended to think about something deep. #butactuallyhalfasleep

We agreed to watch The Tourist but I ended up sleeping 15 mins later and woke up to him sleeping but the laptop was still on.

On Saturday, i spent my time lazing at home. After the bf left for work, i played Monopoly then slept for 2 hours straight! Can’t remember when was the last time i felt this tired! Oh, when i started working in Starbucks wtf. I remembered telling my colleague about the things i do after work and she said the same too. Her mom even commented, “Ko ni macam OKU la” Coz she’s always lying down on the couch/ bed after work. Yay, i’m not the only one!

Okay wrote a little too much on my sleeping habit. So work in the sandwich dept was AWESOME! I got to learn to make sandwiches, wraps and paninis HOMAIGOD it made me hungry all the time! And working in the kitchen is the same as what you watch on Top Chef. There were some experimentation on new food and we were the guinea pigs. And the pastry chef was very generous and gave me some fudge. Not helping with my expanding waistline! But being the Asian me, of cos i was secretly happy to indulge in free food! 😀

Other than that, my sandwich partner-in-crime was incredibly friendly! She is so helpful and accommodating to all my silly questions. You know what? i feel that it’s okay for us Asian to ask any silly questions to our Westerners counterparts because of the culture and lifestyle differences and they wouldn’t be judgmental at all. Actually, i feel that Westerners are generally non-judgmental people la. It’s the Asian that are always so competitive and trying to do more to impress. Anyway, my point is i love asking stupid questions. Questions that doesn’t makes sense. Questions on topics that nobody thought of. Just silly, random ones. When i was young, i was no allowed to ask questions cos it is deemed rude (Asian upbringing). So i promised myself not to do that to my kids in the future. If i don’t know the answer to their questions, i will google together with them 🙂 #winwin

On my last day, i worked as a barista for 4 short hours. It didn’t help that the day was a little busy thus i had no proper training and had to help the others out. But i was glad that i improved tremendously! Previously, my biggest struggle was to get handler hooked and making the perfect shot. Now i am proud to say that i got my technique right albeit slow. #practisemakesperfect

In the end, i didn’t get the job (as expected). They required an expert level barista while i was only starting to get the technique right. I may be slow but i watched the other barista, they are pretty inconsistent with their performance also. Even when their shots are not perfect they’d still serve the customer coz the line is too long.

So i was a little bummed that everything is over. Would do it again in a hearbeat! Love all the friendly peeps and the owner is one of the most humble person i’ve ever seen. Whenever my shift is over, he would personally thank me. I’m like, “Umm, i should thank you for the opportunity and experience.” The whole crew is so nice, i hope the business will flourish.


On another note, i have been keeping up with some of my best girlfriends about their lifes – wedding & pregnancy. It is so fun to talk to the topics that i have yet to experience. I’m a curious cat by nature so i’ll bombard them with tonnes of questions. I’m so happy that one of my girlfriends plans to get hitched next year. Hopefully it’ll be the same time when I’m back in MY. If not, i’ll be glad to help out with whatever she needs beforehand.

From time to time, i envision what my future wedding will be like and write it in a vision diary. I have a mental note of the things i want for my cake, decor, table setting, dress and thank you gifts. It’s so nice to let my imaginations run wild, planning on a small, intimate affair. On the downside, if i were to make all these ideas come true, it’ll be one expensive wedding! Coz most of them are custom made unless i DIY la!  Whatever la! At the moment, we have no time to be married bcoz we’re he’s too busy with work and saving money wtf.

I apologized for the wordy post. Didn’t take much picture for a while now. Tomorrow it’s his day off so hopefully i’ll remember to take some lah! Toodles!




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