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Do not read this when you’re hungry

by melmonica on October 24th, 2014


Else face the consequences (don’t say i didn’t warn ya!)

Hey guys, how are you doing? It’s one month away from summer but I’m still lugging my winter jacket around coz it’s still cold. In Invercargill, we get 1 day of pure sunshine and 6 days of gloomy, sad, depressing weather. At times, even when it’s pretty sunny outside, it will still be cold. Sigh, my love/ hate relationship with the weather is a neverending one.

Anyway, I’m feeling less emotional now. Feeling better. But (always a but) the hardest thing to go through living away from family & friends is not being able to physically be there for them. With the help of technology, sure keeping in touch is just a tap away. But it can never replace the joy of seeing your loved ones smile and the nice fuzzy feeling you get from a hug. I just got word that one of my bestie has just given birth. As much as i’m so happy for her but part of me wish that I am physically there with her. So that i can (shamelessly self invite myself) to take care of her LOL.

Anyway, on to a more positive energy. Last week, sayang and i went to Dunedin to fulfill his (belated) birthday craving.

Duck rice wtf. Haha. In his defense, he has been craving it for a very long time but whenever we went to Chopstick 101, they ran out of it. So this time we kiasu went there for lunch. I had my lamb hotpot which i didn’t bother taking pics coz that time too hungry.

This is undoubtedly the best Panang Curry i’ve ever tasted. Sayang ordered this but I wish i had stolen more of it coz one week later, i’m still missing this dish which is a very rare occasion.

Sorry for the horribly blur picture. I had only 30 minutes to makan before Gone Girl started so had to simply take pics wtf. Yeah, 30 minutes is considered short to finish a meal coz i am the world slowest eater wtf. I wasn’t having any craving so i ordered the Pad Thai, the safest choice. But still it was so-so nia. Can’t remember what’s the name of the restaurant but it’s opposite Chopstick 101.

Our trip was perfect until a cuppa coffee ruin our day. We were craving for coffee and googled for a good one. Uncle google suggested The Good Oil but it was closed at 4pm wtf. So we randomly went to Kiki Beware (since it was almost full and that is always a good sign, no?) Far from the truth. It was horrible. Our coffee was tasteless. I find it so unacceptable to be drinking bad coffee in an angmoh country lol. It’s like having bad asam laksa in Penang, you know what i mean?

Our day was quickly turned for the better after the usual trip to the art museum and the botanical garden. And the best ending was watching Gone Girl. Holy smokes! It’s my movie of the year. (Last year was Captain Phillip). The acting, storyline, everything was perfecto. The storyline was unpredictable so it kept me on edge for 2.5 hours. Worth every penny of my $15 for a movie tix! Unfortunately, it is not shown in Malaysia (haha :P) but if you have the chance, download it. I wana watch it again (but sayang dowan wtf)

Anyway, next week we’re going to Queenstown to celebrate Catherine’s birthday. So excited i get to be reunited with my coffee and of course friends! Looking forward to dressing up but weather forecast said it’ll be a rainy day wtf. And Queenstown temperature at night is still less than 5c. I have no idea what people are still doing there. Hello, it’s spring time. Why is it still cold there *sigh* So tempted to shop for clothes to wear there coz all my nice clothes are too summery for rainy weather. Sigh, going to resort to just wearing jeans and jacket. Despise the all black ensemble.

I’m looking forward to X’mas too! Since the both of us have the day off, we’re gonna BBQ and exchange gift! Initially, i set the price limit at $10 (yes, i’m that kiamsiap wtf hahaha) In my defense, if u set the price low, you gonna need creativity to ace it right?

Creativity = effort.

He protested saying it was too low so he set it at $50. Reasonable la but think about it. $50 is too much for cheapo/ silly gifts but it is also not much to get high-end products. How lor? I hate middle range stuffs. Cuz it’s just overpriced low quality goods wtf. Anyway i have thought of ideas to fully utilize the $50 price tag hahaha. I think he’s gonna have a heart attack on 25th December 😛

Ok i shall end this post and start shopping for X’mas. Toodles!

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